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by Alessandra Torre, Anne Rice, C.J. Roberts, Callie Hart, Carolina Andújar, Christina Lauren, Colleen Hoover, Cora Reilly, Corinne Michaels, Daisy Prescott, Debra Anastasia, Ella Frank, Emilie Autumn, Emma Chase, Emma Hart, Helena Hunting, Isabel Allende, J. Daniels, J. S. Cooper, J.J. McAvoy, J.K. Rowling, Jeannine Colette, Jodi Ellen Malpas, Julie Ann Peters, K.A. Tucker, K.Bromberg, Karina Halle, Katherine Owen, Katy Evans, Kristen Ashley, L.H. Cosway, Laurelin Paige, Lauren Blakely, Leah Raeder, Linda Kage, Lisa Renee Jones, Mary Ferre, Melissa Brayden, Mia Sheridan, Neil Gaiman, Nicholas Sparks, Oscar Wilde, Penelope Douglas, Penny Reid, Pepper Winters, Rebecca Grace Allen, Renee Carlino, Sandi Lynn, Sawyer Bennett, SC Stephens, Shamim Sarif, Stephanie Meyer, Sylvia Day, Tara Sue Me, Tiffany Reisz


Collector of Book Boyfriends and Girlfriends #thankspublishers and #thanksauthors

It’s time to say THANK YOU! Thanks to all the amazing authors for writing the best stories and characters! Thanks to all the publicist for believing in the authors and make everything possible to publish their books! Thanks to all the PRs for trusting in our blog! Thanks to Simon and Schuster, Penguin Random House, Grand Central Publishing and their amazing publicists! Thanks to all our followers! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We’d like to share with you all our top 10 authors we are thankful for. Here we go


  1. Penny Reid….. for always putting a smile on my face
  2. L.H. Cosway…. for writing romance with a difference
  3. Linda Kage…. for writing one of my favorite series, Forbidden Men
  4. Karina Halle…. for being all kinds of awesome
  5. J. Daniels…. for making me a bamagirl
  6. Mia Sheridan…. for writing such beautiful books
  7. Renee Carlino…. for writing such genuine love stories
  8. Corinne Michaels…. because no one writes military romance better than you
  9. Kristen Ashley… for blowing my mind with your books
  10. Daisy Prescott… for loving beards just like i do


  1. Katy Evans– I’m thankful for her ability to make me fall in love with her broken men and tough heroines <3 Katy is my “drop everything and read it now” author. She has a way of writing a romance that makes me swoon and wish I was the lead woman in it <3 I LOVE everything she writes! I’d probably buy her grocery list *wink* LOL.
  2. Kristy Bromberg– I’m thankful for her ability to write a story with a true meaning behind it. Whether it be “Time is precious, Waste it wisely” or “Hurting is feeling and feeling is living, and isn’t it good to be alive?” I also seem to get something more out of her books than “just another romance”. <3
  3. Callie Hart– I’m thankful for her ability to completely consume my life with her twisted stories and alpha men! Zeth Mayfair *swoon* She has an amazing mind and knows how to create a completely believable world in her books. Her books are loaded with tons of twists and turns that keep you lost in them for days! I wish there was a way to clone her, so I could more and more of her books!
  4. Emma Chase– I’m thankful for her ability to make me laugh out loud!!! Emma was a new author I found this year (Thank you Ange!) and I love her Legal Briefs series…especially SUSTAINED! I laughed so hard during this book and I even read scenes out loud to my hubby (which I never do) and HE laughed too! Everyone should read her books!
  5. SC Stephens– I’m thankful for her THOUGHTLESS series. Plain and simple. The THOUGHTLESS series was one of my first romance series and it was my first rocker book…I have yet to find another rocker that tops Kellan Kyle *swoon*!
  6. Christina Lauren– I’m thankful for their ability to write love story after love story AFTER love story! Their minds are endless and they are constantly releasing novels that jump to the top of my “to read” list and are continually on my mind.
  7. Lauren Blakely– I’m thankful for her willingness to interact with her fans! I know in the craziness of life it is nearly impossible to interact with ALL your fans, but Lauren always seems to go above and beyond to interact in any way possible and I am thankful for that <3 And I’m also thankful for her ability to write sexy lead men in her novels! (Especially Colin Sloan) *wink*
  8. CJ Roberts– I’m thankful for her ability to open my mind to the dark and twisted! I never thought I’d be the type of person to read dark romance and enjoy it, but I LOVED her DARK DUET series.
  9. to 14… Sawyer Bennett, Helena Hunting, Allessandra Torre, Rebecca Grace Allen, Pepper Winters, Katherine Owen– I’m thankful for finding new authors!! All these authors were new to me in 2015. I was blessed enough to read and love their novels! <3


  1. Pepper Winters …… for just being the awesome author that she is and for creating my Top 1 BBF, Q and for making me cry like a baby over a story for the first time in my life.
  2. J. S. Cooper ……… for writing from the most addicting stories/ books that I have ever read.
  3. Jodi Ellen Malpas …….. for being unexpected with her stories.
  4. Stephenie Meyer …….. for making lose track of time every time I read one of her books.
  5. J. J. McAvoy.……. for making a junkie of her writing and stories.
  6. Nicholas Sparks ……. for being the master of the absolute love.
  7. Colleen Hoover ……. for her stories making fall in love all over again.
  8. Cora Reilly …….. for making Mafia guys one of the most irresistible kind of BBFs.
  9. Sandi Lynn …….. for the beauty of her books.
  10. K. Bromberg…….. for experiencing wonderful feelings through her books.


  1. Anne Rice (she changed my life)
  2. Neil Gaiman
  3. Melissa Brayden
  4. Isabel Allende
  5. Leah Raeder
  6. Oscar Wilde
  7. Emilie Autumn
  8. Shamim Sarif
  9. Julie Ann Peters (classic)
  10. Carolina Andújar


  1. Tiffany Reisz – Thank you for the most memorable sinners ever
  2. Lauren Blakely – Thank you for hot Nichols brothers and if possible even hotter Sloane family. And most of all thank you for being you….Just amazing!!!!
  3. Emma Chase – Thank you for great books, for making me laugh and for writing from male POV
  4. Tara Sue Me – Thank you, thank you, thank you for the best BDSM series I have read. Thank you for bringing us one of the best Dom/Sub couples out there.
  5. Sylvia Day – Thank you for Gideon Cross :)
  6. Helena Haunting – Thank you for pucking me over totally with Pucked series :)
  7. Colleen Hoover – Thank you for breaking my heart, thank you for putting it back together. Ugly Love and November 9 will stay with me forever.
  8. Lisa Renee Jones – Thank you for Liam and Amy, and all upcoming mesmerizing work
  9. Laurelin Page – Thank you for Hudson, Thank you for JC
  10. Jeannine Collete – Thank you for Pure Abandon, thank you for Gabriel and Asher. Looking forward to read more from you.

Bonus: Emma Hart – for her dirty series and hot, sweet and badass southern boys  and their badass lovely girls


  1. Emma Chase – Thank you for creating Drew, Matthew, Stanton, Jake and my new favorite one, Brent. And of course for being SO FRIGGING AWESOME! I love you, Emma!
  2. Tiffany Reisz – Thank you for creating The best group of sinners ever! For taking erotica and BDSM books to another level. For your amazing writing style.
  3. JK Rowling – Thank you for bringing magic to my life. Harry Potter changed everything to me.
  4. Lauren Blakely – Thank you for your dirty talkers. All the Blakely Boys are amazing. Thank you for having one helluva plotting mind and giving me so many books to read! And of course, thank you for being so awesome with me. I love you, Lauren!
  5. Helena Hunting – Thank you for the biggest penis in the world. Alex’ MC is simply the best. Thank you for the sweetest Miller and for the bad boy Hayden. Thank you for your sense of humor, for loving my collages, for everything! I love you, Helena!
  6. Debra Anastasia – Thank you for being so crazy. Your sense of humor and your heart are the best. I love you, Debra!
  7. Lisa Renee Jones – Thank you for all your amazing stories. thank you for writing sexy books  with so much suspense. Thank you for talking with me about SPN! You are awesome!
  8. KA Tucker – Thank you for making me love books that don’t have the amount of sex that I usually like in books. Thank you for Sebastian. Thank you for the super hot Irish man, River. Thank you for the Burying Water series!
  9. EL James – Thank you for Christian Grey. Thank you for writing a story that got me obsessed about reading.
  10. Christina Lauren – Thank you for making the best duo of authors ever. Thank you for writing great love stories, great couples and of course, for writing my favorite bastard ever, Bennett Ryan.


  1. Sylvia Day for giving me the best book boyfriend of the world and my first fictional love.
  2. E. L. James for Christian Grey and for introduce me to this amazing world of erotica and romance.
  3. Jodi Ellen Malpas thank you so much for Miller Hart and for make me want to be worshipped.
  4. Stephanie Meyer for making me love reading. Once I read your books I never stopped.
  5. J K Rowling for giving me an amazing magical world that will remain in my heart forever.
  6. Katy Evans thanks for Malcolm, for lovely HEAs and for amazing heroines.
  7. K. Bromberg for letting us know that sometimes we are not broken, just bent.
  8. Penelope Douglas, thank you so much for Bully and Tate, she’s the best heroine I’ve ever read.
  9. Ella Frank for introducing me in the M/M world. Tate and Logan were the best.
  10. Mary Ferre gracias por Bastian y por escribir Neandertal. Con tus libros a esperar siempre lo inesperado.


Thank you,

 … Jane Harvey-Berrick – for giving me a new side to Sebastian, one of my favorite characters ever
… L. H. Cosway – for giving the most unlikely relationships a story
… A. Meredith Walters – for creating characters, that aren’t smooth or flawless, but oh so beautiful
… Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy – for writing the most beautiful lovestory with a ‘friends to lovers’ plot – with two men, nevertheless!
… Colleen Hoover – for almost making me chuck my kindle to the wall, because I did not see THAT twist coming!
… Penelope Douglas – for bringing angst to a whole new level
… Tiffany Reisz – for giving me a happy ending to my most favorite series and making me crave even more of it
… Belle Aurora – for surprising me EVERY.DAMN.TIME!
… Elle Kennedy – for being a guarant for the hottest sex in a book. Ever.
… Roya Carmen – for being able to make ‘wrong’ feel so damn good


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