Review: Ready or Not by Melissa Brayden

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Review: Ready or Not by Melissa BraydenReady or Not From the series: Soho Loft #3
by Melissa Brayden
Published by Bold Strokes Books on November 10th 2015
Genres: F/F, LGBTQI, Romance
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Sometimes wrong is extra right.

Mallory Spencer is in charge. As the face of Soho Savvy, the advertising firm she owns with her three best friends, it’s important that she’s poised, polished, and put together. However, as she watches her friends couple up and settle down, she wonders about her own happily ever after. One thing’s for sure. It’s not going to happen with that blue-eyed bartender from Showplace. It’s irritatingly clear they couldn’t be more wrong for each other...or have more chemistry.

Hope Sanders wants nothing more than to keep her head down and craft a better life for herself running everyone’s favorite nightspot. That means ignoring the groupies that flock to the bar to stare at her all night. However, an uptight brunette has snagged Hope’s attention and she knows a challenge when she sees it.

A Soho Loft Romance

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Before I can get to review this book I have to tell you about the first 2 parts of the series, I’ll be brief and non-spoilery so you can follow the story on this, the last part of the series.

In Kiss the Girl (Soho Loft #1) we meet the girls in a sort of prologue, the meet the first semester at NYU in an LGBT group, there’s instant chemistry and we start to grasp into the personalities and dynamic between Mallory, Hunter, Samantha and Brooklyn, this book is focused on the latter, and every single one of these books focus in a few of my favorite romantic tropes this is the reason why I love this light and fun read.

So, fast forward a lot of years and the girls own their own advertising company, Savvy is a growing company in NYC where each of the girls have big parts on, so Brooklyn is having a crappy day when she enters a bar trying to let her day behind when she gets the attention of a beautiful woman, Jessica, who offers her a drink and company, there’s attraction and a kiss because that’s how the stories go when 2 attractive people have fun and feel attracted to one another, then of course Jessica is her natural nemesis because she is in the competition with Savvy for a big client so there’s a bit rough but the attraction is too strong to stop touching and kissing, I LOOOOOVE the touching and kissing, the trope of rivals becoming lovers is one of my faves so yeah, I loved it and recommend getting this one too.

In Just Three Words (Soho Loft #2) we enjoy what may be my favorite trope of every romance trope: Best friends turn into lovers, I love it so much that’s the reason I watched Glee for like 5 years… dark times, but anyway, back to the book, when Brooklyn moves in with Jessica leaving Samantha alone in their shared apartment, with a raise in the rent Samantha has to find a new roommate soon, and as destiny has it, Hunter needs a place to live so a match made in heaven is born. Their relationship starts to shift and it’s scary because there’s so much on the line, Hunter is a player but wants to settle down, Samantha is a romantic and somehow they work, I love it because it’s romantic and made me swoon. Go read it too.

Now we’re back to Ready or Not. Brooklyn has her very serious established relationship with Jessica, Hunter and Samantha are adorable love birds but, where does it leave our precious squared neat Mallory? She is feeling a bit like the fifth wheel and that probably love wasn’t made for her and she wasn’t made for love, because the Hot Bartender at the her go to bar doesn’t really count, does she? Well, SHE DOES! eventually and I loved this! This is dynamic with an unlikely pairing starts, attraction and lust becomes unbearable and they have to deal with their past, their preconceptions of themselves and what they dreamed for their lives isn’t probably what they have, yet the basis of the attraction is mutual admiration and not just physical attraction, it just.. is a whiff of fresh air and I love it because women being friends is one of my favorite stuff in life, women loving women gives me life but women admiring women? because of their qualities and because of their faults? THAT MAKES MY SOUL SOAR and that’s what this book is about and goddamnit is so good!

Mallory is anal, she is very organized, needs lists for everything while Hope (Hot Bartender) is talented and laid back, focused on breaking the stereotypes of someone with her background, helping her sister and making a name for herself, Mallory comes from money but doesn’t take anything for granted and it’s somewhat an unlikely pair made in heaven.

If you enjoy watching romcoms, or need something to bring you back from a mood, this book is for you. It’s light but complex enough to keep you reading and rooting for all of this girls having to make it in a ruthless city like New York.

Full 4.8 stars because… it ended and I need a full epilogue book 😀


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