Review: Persuasion by Violetta Rand

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Review: Persuasion by Violetta RandPersuasion From the series: Sons of Odin MC #1
by Violetta Rand
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Published by Loveswept on December 8th, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Romance
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If you love the motorcycle romances of Joanna Wylde and Julie Ann Walker, don’t miss Violetta Rand’s irresistible novel about a sexy-as-sin biker who tempts a good girl to go bad.

Lang Anderson may be the new leader of the Sons of Odin motorcycle club, but his personal life is in shreds. He’s struggling to take care of his three young sisters in the wake of tragedy, while rumors of drug dealing within his ranks jeopardize everything he’s built. The last thing he needs is another distraction—like a bar brawl over a woman—but Lang is a sucker for a damsel in distress. And this one gets him roaring like a finely tuned engine.

High school guidance counselor Lily Gallo is no fender bunny. So why can’t she get Lang off her mind? Lily’s head says the rugged, rough-and-tumble biker who came to her aid is bad news. Her body begs to differ. But when Lang’s troubled kid sister walks into her office, Lily’s determined to help, even if it puts her in the crossfire of a gang war. On a crash course with danger and desire, Lily partners up with Lang to fight for his family—and for love.

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book review: 5+ stars!!

The bikers BBFs hit again and, once again, they spellbound me! I thought that I had reached the absolute level of love for this book boyfriend category. But Rand made me rethink it and increase my bikers-love even more.

One of the first things that came to mind when I finished reading Persuasion was: Holy damn! There is no better description for it because an one-word one would never be a possibility since it wouldn’t cover it. I’m kind of having a hard time expressing correctly and fully my feelings and thoughts about this story because I still feel its impact on me. Although, I feel the need to do it so, whoever hasn’t read it yet, can decide to give it a try.

So, for those who haven’t read the blurb, Persuasion is the first book on Violetta Rand’s new series, Sons of Odin MC and it tells us the love story between Lang Anderson and Lilliana “Lily” Galo. Lang is the leader/prez of the Sons of Odin MC and Lily is a school counselor. Now, someone would wonder how these two match. But they really do because Lily is Maya’s – Lang’s little sister – counselor. As they both try and fight to help Maya, they keep coming closer and closer which gives the push for their relationship and love to officially start.

A couple of hours in his company and she was already fantasizing about things that were foreign to her.

And that love is so deep and inspiring that you can’t help but being overwhelmed. At first, they both walking on a very delicate and unsure ground. This is happening because neither’s feelings were ever that strong and intense about someone else. It’s not easy for them to let go because they have lives which are miles away from each other. But when you are in love, determined to not give up and know that what you are fighting for is definitely worth it, then there’s nothing that can stop you. And Lang and Lilly did exactly that! They surpassed all obstacles – personal and form outside – by not giving up on their love because of their differences and they thrived in the end.

He placed his hand over his heart. “You’re inside here now. Good luck getting out, baby.”

It’s not the first time that I read something of Violetta’s. When I had read Loving Lucas, her story-unfolding skills really amazed me. But, this time, she truly took them on a new level. I could say that I was hanging from her pen while I was reading this book. Every page kept a surprise and I could never imagine what would be next. I undoubtedly recommend this book to everyone because it is really very damn good. And whoever hasn’t read any MC story yet, I think it’s time to start. You can’t imagine how much hotness and amazingness a biker love story holds in its depth.



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