Release Day: Love: Uncivilized by Sawyer Bennett

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Release Day: Love: Uncivilized by Sawyer Bennett

Release Day: Love: Uncivilized by Sawyer BennettLove: Uncivilized by Sawyer Bennett
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Published by Big Dog Books on December 15th 2015
Genres: BDSM, Erotica, Romance
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How did things ever get to be so difficult?

Nearly eight years of marriage.
Two kids.
Hectic careers and major life choices.

Throw in sexual frustration, doubts, insecurities and one wild man not completely tamed by society, and you have a Christmas that’s bound to get out of control. Zacharias Easton will show you just how uncivilized love can be.

** Love: Uncivilized is a follow up novella to the book, Uncivilized. While it can be read as a stand alone, it is best appreciated after having read Uncivilized first.


Interview with Zacharias Easton

What do you love most about Moira?

I love everything about Moira – her fiery hair, her beautiful eyes that see into my soul, her gorgeous body that fits perfectly against mine. But what I love the most about Moira, above all of her both physical and characteristic attributes, is her love for me. That might sound selfish, but it’s true. The way she loves me and had the strength to fight for me, and for us. The way she loves me enough to have pledged her whole life to me, and stands beside me through all things in life. The way she loves me by giving me her body and bearing me two beautiful children. The way she loves me by giving me her whole mind and every inch of her loving soul. There just aren’t enough words to fully describe her and the way she loves me. It’s humbling.

How did you feel the first time Moira told you she was pregnant?

You already know I’m an uncivilized man, and Moira telling me she was pregnant brought that out in me. Just knowing that I had planted the seed of life within her, that together we had created something everlasting and beautiful, my god. Of course I had to have her, right then and there. Which just happened to be against the front door, since she was so excited she sprung it on me the minute I walked in.

Have you ever second guessed your decision to come back to civilization?

Never. Once I made the decision to give myself to Moira fully and completely, I never once regretted that decision. She is my life, my heart, my soul, and everything in between. I do miss Paraila, but Father Gaul provides updates as often as he can. I know I am where I am meant to be.

Do you still enjoy a good Google session?

*laughs* I use Google for different things these days, like trying to determine how to cure diaper rash and how to assemble kids toys that come with a million tiny parts. I will never tire of learning new things, and Google has never let me down. Moira wholeheartedly agrees that Google is an excellent source of information. *winks*

Where do you see you and Moira 30 years down the road?

I see us surrounded by our kids and grandkids. I’d love to have a couple more kids, though I’m not sure Moira would be on board with that just yet. But even if we stop with two, my heart is happy and full. Our kids are amazing, and I can’t wait to watch them grow up and become extraordinary adults. I look forward to being a grandfather, and watching Moira get more beautiful with age. Because she does. I thought she was the most beautiful creature the first time I laid eyes on her, even if I hated what she stood for. But, my god. She gets more beautiful every single day I open my eyes and see her. That’s where I see us – surrounded by family and filled with love, because isn’t that what it’s all about?



  1. Madness, The Muse
  2. Maybe I’m Amazed, Paul McCartney
  3. Kiss Me, Ed Sheerhan
  4. Rock Your Body, Justin Timberlake
  5. Love Song, The Cure
  6. On Top of the World, Imagine Dragons
  7. Like I’m Going to Lose You, Meghan Trainor
  8. Nothing Else Matters, Metallica
  9. I Melt With You, Modern English
  10. Hot for Teacher, Van Halen (I had to save the best for last!)

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