#Review Conviction (The Consolation Duet #2) by Corinne Michaels

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#Review Conviction (The Consolation Duet #2) by Corinne MichaelsConviction From the series: The Consolation Duet #2
by Corinne Michaels
Published by BAAE Publishing on (May 27, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Military, New Adult, Romance
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I fell in love with Liam only to be left shattered into a million pieces. Again. The idea of being without him cripples me but the reality is, he’s gone.

He doesn’t understand and I can’t make him.

If only he’d see the conviction behind my words—then Liam would still be here.



What Corinne Michaels did to this story is hard to put in words. My heart has never felt so overwhelmed before as i felt like walking side by side with Natalie and Liam through the conclusion of this beautiful love story. BEAUTIFUL!! I HAVE NEVER READ ANYTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL. Natalie and Liam are my all time fave from the series although i don’t know how long is going to last since Mark’s book is coming, Jackson and Catherine will forever hold a special place in my heart but Liam and Natalie are the strongest couple ive ever met.

First Natalie, GOD THAT WOMAN. I LOVE HER. I love the choices she made through all the pain she was going through, she never hated Aaron and for that im thankful because we learn through her that to live at peace we should forgive and let go of the past, to give ourselves and opportunity to love again without anything that could hurt it. I felt for Natalie, when i felt she was going crazy and it was too much at once, i felt it too when she was happy i was happy too, when that woman was like NOW YOU SHUT UP AND LISTEN i felt so freaking proud of her i could cry. I love how Aarabelle was Natalie’s light through the darkness, not only she was an amazing woman BUT ALSO A GREAT MOTHER, this is the kind of woman you want to be at some point, strong enough to let go, not afraid to love again and fight for it and find not only what makes you happy but also what will make your children happy.

Secondly Liam, MY LIAM MY STRONG SWEET LIAM. There wasn’t a lot of Liam’s pov i guess i was expecting some more but his povs were enough and exactly in the right moments, im thankful i came across this amazing HERO. Military man struggle with their decisions because the job come first even when they won’t want it at some point. Liam was a man that didn’t knew what was like to leave something behind then Natalie came into his life and changed EVERYTHING. This man suffered just as Natalie because she was not only the wife of the best friend he thought dead but also his life was beginning to need things he didn’t thought he needed before and for a man like him THAT WAS A LOT TO TAKE IN. LIAM AND Aarabelle was the most precious thing ever, i sobbed every time at their little moments. Liam is the kind of book boyfriend you can spend hours talking about because there is too much to be said about him you that just a little won’t be enough.

Aaron… well i need to honestly say that even tho he made horrible decisions Corinne Michales found a way for us to also forgive him and give him a chance, i never thought i was going to but i did. Aaron also deserved to move on so i honestly stopped hating on him through the story.

MARK!! DID I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE MARK?? I found myself crushing on him all way through both stories, when i first met him in the belonging duet i liked him immediately and then my love kept growing. So his book is a BIG DEAL for me so you can imagine how i feel at this point. I NEED MORE MARK IN MY LIFE. The supporting characters all are easy to love because they go through the hard path together with the main characters and the author wrote amazing supporting characters. MARK I LOVE YOU.

To all those military wives, girlfriends and family I cannot even begin to imagine how hard watching your loved one go without knowing he/she will return must feel. Not only he/she is a hero BUT YOU ALSO ARE!! This is not a walk in the park about sitting down and waiting, it takes a lot of willpower to not go crazy and hold love and loyalty until the end and for that im proud of you all.

I want to thank Corinne Michaels for giving us Natalie and Liam, i learned so much from them THEY WILL STAY IN MY HEART FOREVER.

Conviction is beautiful and deeply emotional you feel like you are right there living the story with the characters. Corinne Michaels is the queen of military romance and one of my all time favorite authors

[If you haven’t read the Consolation Duet then you are missing out one of the best reads ever, we get to meet natalie in the story that started it all the Belonging duet so IF U HAVEN’T READ ANY AT THIS POINT THEN WHAT ARE WAITING FOR?? YOU. NEED. TO. READ. THIS. NOW.]




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