Review: Enamor by Veronica Larsen

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Review: Enamor by Veronica LarsenEnamor by Veronica Larsen
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Genres: Contemporary, Funny, New Adult, Romance
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The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there’s one to begin with. Here’s mine. My new roommate is a conceited, womanizing jerk. He pushes my buttons and drives me so crazy I want to strangle him daily.
There’s a million reasons why I should stay far away from him, the most obvious of which being that I hate him with the fire of a thousand suns.
Except that I don’t hate him.
It's a reckless game we're playing, treading the edge of an attraction so intense it might as well be a grenade

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book review: 4 stars

The thing about Enamor is that, if you see the cover without reading the blurb first, the impression you get from it is of a very erotic story. But what you get is 95% opposite. Only the 5% of it is erotic and steamy while the rest of, it is unbelievably hilarious, entertaining and flirting. And this result is just amazing….

A story and a couple that captivates you from the start. Julia and Giles’s relationship evolution is definitely something to be hold. At first, they supposed to be just roommates, and maybe even a bit of friends. After, they became enemies in a prank-war which was so damn perfect that I didn’t stop crying from laughter at all for the most part. Just couldn’t. And then, they became lovers and, without admitting it, something more. That’s the moment where the book put aside the hilarious tone it had until then, and starts going down a road full of feelings. And you can’t help but follow its lead.

Hooking up gives me something to look forward for a few hours. But being around Julia is something I’ve been looking forward to every single day. Consistently, effortlessly.

The prank war between them is, also, something of this story that becomes immediately unforgettable. Just one more time I was laughing so hard with a book. Everything about their war was causing me unstoppable laughter and, most of the time, surprise, shock and admiration. And why is that? Because the ways with which they tried to get to each other, combined with the high levels of testosterone, lust and feelings they had for each other, were pretty awesome. I’m dying to tell you a few examples of what they had figured out each time but I really don’t want to spoil it. So, no prank-war spoil alerts!

“We’ve entered a new stage of this war, Julia”, he says in a low voice.

“Oh”, I taunt, with a fake shiver, “I’m scared.”

He takes slow steps toward me without breaking eye contact. His gaze is so intent, it offsets my regular breathing rhythm.

Once again, Veronica Larsen is a first-time read for me and I start to realize that I really really like meeting new authors and read their works. Veronica is definitely one of those that won me instantly because the way she was unfolding the story and could alternate between lots of emoions without losing something in the process, was amazing and admiring. She wrote an incredible love story that I will love forever and, certainly, re-reading lots of times in the future.

So, I recommend it to all of you that haven’t read it and encourage you to give it a try. I think you’ll be surprised, as I was, with the loveliness of it.



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