Caro’s Review: Finding Home by Lauren Baker & Bonnie Dee

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Caro’s Review: Finding Home by Lauren Baker & Bonnie DeeFinding Home by Lauren Baker, Bonnie Dee
Published by Samhain Publishing on January 1st 2007
Genres: Abuse, Dark, Erotica, Romance
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Her family, her friends and her conscience all say it s wrong to fall for the hustler she rescued from the streets. How come it feels so right?

When Megan first meets Mouth, a homeless teenage hustler, on the streets of L.A., he s the perfect subject for the street life expose she hopes will help her break into journalism. She doesn t expect to be drawn into his life and become his friend or to take him in after he s been beaten and robbed by thugs.

As they learn to live together, a powerful attraction flourishes between Megan and the young man. Although he s street smart, tough and mature, he s also a youth in transition. When they finally give in to the sexual heat between them, Megan fears she s taking advantage of her position as his mentor.

Their relationship challenges every aspect of her life. Megan must make difficult choices between the conflicting demands of her friends and family, her career and love.


Warning: Explicit sex, reference to underage sex, graphic language, violence"


Book Review: 6 stars

“Finding Home” is the story of Megan, a 23 year old editor at a big local Los Angeles newspaper. She tries to get foot into the journalism instead of just editing and has a great idea for a haunting story. This idea brings her to a certain Boulevard, known for the abundance of male hookers there. She meets the enigmatic 17 year old Mouth, who turns tricks for a living and soon a hesitant friendship ensues between the two. When Mouth is beaten and he has been rubbed of the little possessions he had, Megan takes him home with her. Even though Megan knows, that she could get in devil’s kitchen with pursuing a relationship with the young hooker, soon the sexual tension and emotional bonding between them seems unavoidable. But how will their environment, including Megan’s family and friends, react when they learn that there is more to their relationship than just roommates?

I’m writing this review after reading this book for the fourth time in the span of 2 years. It’s safe to say, that “Finding Home” is one of my favorite books ever. And I’m a chain-reader, so that says a lot. The plot is very relationship focused, the two main characters are so real to me, and it sometimes scares me while reading this book. The writing of the two authors is poignant and so raw and real at the same time. The sexual tension between Mouth and Megan makes me tingle all over, every single time I read this story. For the whole of the book, my emotions are all over the place. Each and every re-read. So, I guess it’s suffice to say, that I love this book and it certainly takes a ranking in my top 5 books of all times.

The only thing that bugs me with every re-read is the ending. There is a beautiful ending for this beautiful book – but I wish with a vengeance that there was an epilogue! There is this huge twist at around 85% and it takes almost the whole remainder of the book to solve it, so the ending is perfect, but feels a bit rushed. I just wished there was maybe a bit insight into Meg’s and Mouth’s future, say maybe 3 years or so forward, just to see how they were doing together and if their fighting for each other was for the long haul.

All in all, I rate “Finding Home” with 6 stars and can recommend it to EVERYONE. It is a story, that’s very sobering but uplifting at the same time and I can really only wish for more people to know about this amazing book.




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