Sasha’s Review: The Lie by Karina Halle

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Sasha’s Review: The Lie by Karina HalleThe Lie by Karina Halle
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Published by Self Published on February 15th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance
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Their love led to a lie
Their truth led to the end

Brigs McGregor is crawling out from the ashes. After losing his wife and son in a car accident and his job from his subsequent downward spiral, he's finally moving forward, getting a prestigious teaching position at the University of London and a new life in the city. Slowly, but surely, he's pushing past the guilt and putting his tragic past behind him.

Until he sees her.

Natasha Trudeau once loved a man so much she thought she'd die without him. But their love was wrong, doomed from the start, and when their world crashed around them, Natasha was nearly buried in the rubble. It took years of moving on to forget him, and now that she's in London, she's ready to start again.

Until she sees him.

Because some loves are too dangerous to ever indulge.
And some loves are far too powerful to ignore.
Their love just might be the life and the death of them.

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”I fell in love with you and that was on me. That was my choice. I chose you, Natasha. There’s nothing you could have done to stop me.”

6+++ STARS!

Two words. BRIGS MCGREGOR. This book was a war of emotions. My heart was at risk. I’ve been broken yet put back together so fiercely by this two characters like ever before. You won’t know anything about second chance romance if you don’t read this book. The Lie was powerfully romantic, full of raw passion, heartbreaking and stunning! I’m ruined for all the other McGregors.
Brigs and Natasha, the only thing they did wrong was fall in love. My heart ache for them so hard like really i stopped being myself and became them at some point in the book. Guilt and grieve took over them and their love simply lost its way for some years yet Brigs and Natasha find a way back to each other like a thunder, it was explosive! reading when it went to wrong to all the words left unsaid, all the kisses, all the caresses, the lust and their love; all of it coming back with such force i wonder how they didn’t break loving each other.
”We are forever surrounded by ashes. But we are fire. And fire rises.”
Brigs is hands down my favorite McGregor… okay i know Lachlan is everything but after you read this Brigs will just take over your soul it can’t be helped. Honestly Karina’s McGregors are the best thing in the history of romance. I felt his pain. I felt his love. I felt his passion and i wanted to feel even more, i wanted everything that was Brigs.
Natasha and i have many things in common, we focus on the people that really mean something to us and the rest is just blur, it can and can’t be selfish depends on how other see it. I love her i think she was absolutely strong enough, she was this vivid beautiful creature with so much to give all of it for Brigs. I wanted to protect her! one the greatest heroines ever.
”Brigs is a trigger. He was once the man i loved more than anything in the world. But he was also the man who would never be mine.”
This book was all consuming and stunning, is Karina’s most angst book in her contemporary romance department. I loved it. You will be amaze by how easily this author can break you and put you back together so fiercely it will leave you breathless. My heart felt absolutely full.
”But you know you’re something close to magic, Natasha. I’m not going to treat you like you’re anything less.”
While this book can be read as a standalone i would recommend to read The Play first because well is where this McGregor gets introduce.
The Lie is an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss it!!!
”It’s more than that Natasha… I’m in love with you. Plain and simple. I was in love with you before and I’m more in love with you know. I don’t even know how it’s possible, but it is. And because it is, it makes me think anything is possible. Even us.”



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