Review: Ten Thousand Words by Kelli Jean

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Review: Ten Thousand Words by Kelli JeanTen Thousand Words by Kelli Jean
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Published by Self Published on February 15th 2016
Genres: Romance
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There’s danger that neither of them can escape.

Reclusive author, Xanthe Malcolm, likes her private and quiet life. However, when her wildly-popular series Paranormal Hunters gets picked up by a big-time publishing agency, she’s thrust into the limelight alongside sexy, photographer-turned-cover model, Oliver Fairfax. Upon meeting, the chemistry between the quirky writer and arrogant model quickly intensifies, creating a steamy page-turner of events made for romance novels.

Then comes the plot twist.

Xanthe has secrets that have kept her bound to silence.

And the truth has Oliver questioning every unspoken word.

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Claudia’s Book Review: 4.5 “Love” Stars

This is my first book from Kelli Jean and I’m absolutely a new fan of hers now! Her writing captivated me and the fact that this story is not like others makes you want to read more and more. Foremost, the twists on the story make it even better, so there is not only romance, we get mystery, a little drama, funny moments, angst…all combined make it impossible not to crave for more.

So this is the story of Xanthe, who is a unique writer and Ollie, the hot as hell photographer and model (Did I mention he has a beard?) As soon as they met, the connection was right there, they were meant for each other and they knew it and felt it right away.

“Everything about you makes come alive in ways I never even knew were possible.”

The way the author makes us live this romance was amazing! We got to see how they evolved as a couple. It was hard for them, Ollie was not used to having a relationship and he didn’t like all these new feelings, such as jealousy, frustration, and fear of the potentially losing the one he loves. He got it wrong so many times, but he was more than willing to give a try…to pursue his happiness. Xanthe couldn’t believe that amazing good looking man was in love with her. She sees herself as an average woman and it was difficult for her realize that he really loved her and adored her. She has lost so much in her life and she didn’t want to lose him too.

About secondary characters. Let me tell you that Xanthe has a lot of amazing friends, funny and kind of weird too. It would be amazing if the author wrote about them too…I want to know more about all the secrecy they share.

I recommend this book to you, it is a refreshing read, with an original plot, romance, sexy and hot scenes (that involves a sexy beard). There’s humor and also has some mystery and suspense. It’s the whole package, so grab your copy now! Come on, just LOOK at the cover to have an idea how much you’ll enjoy it 😉

“I’m not bothering with you, Xanthe. I belong with you.”


Jenn’s Book Review: 5+ Stars 

Secretly 10 stars

I told my friend that I liked this book. Well I lied, big time.
I didn’t like this book…I loved it! Wait that is wrong too.
I didn’t loved it…..


First I fell for this one because of the cover… I mean come on just look at that hot piece of A*S! Franggy Yanez was all my eyes saw when I pictured Ollie :) This story is not like many others out there, girl meets kinky millionaire that falls head of over heals for her and vice versa. This is a more believable one because the characters are more like us simple people. This could happen to any of us….ok, ok… Almost anyone :)

The more I read the more I was drown deeper and deeper into the plot and could almost feel every emotion that was radiating in this book. Xanthe and Oliver….OMG!!!!! What a chemistry those two had, and how sweet and delicate their relationship was at the same time. At one point in the book my whole body was aching sometimes from arousal and passion but mostly from the pain I was feeling for them :( I could literally feel it from the tightness in my trout to my toes. I was even crying for a moment there.

And those friend of theirs made me laugh my *** off. They showed how protective and caring they are. How far they were ready to go to shield their friend from any harm what so ever. But also how forgiving they were and willing to give Oliver a second chance and prove to them as well as to Xanthe that he is worthy of her.

This is my first read from this author but she really captured me with this amazing story and her ability to put it into words that were very pleasing to the eye. This would be a pure joy to listen as an audiobook as well. I am look forward to see more from her.

Overall I loved this one very much and would highly recommend it because this is a story that deserves to be read by many. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!


TTW autumn


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