Ralou’ s Review: Viral Justice by Julie Rowe

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Ralou’ s Review: Viral Justice by Julie RoweViral Justice From the series: Biological Response Team #3
by Julie Rowe
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Published by Carina Press on February 1st 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Military, Romance, Suspense
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Book three of the Biological Response Team (description subject to change)

Colonel Maximillian heads the US Army's Biological Response Team. He's responsible for the identification and destruction of any biological hazards and weapons the Army might encounter. He's sent to deal with a potential flu virus that's rapidly killing people in a remote Iraq village. Viruses he understands. Women, not so much. So, when he's assigned a bodyguard, a woman who's a trainer for the Special Forces Combatives program, he's all left feet and thumbs.

Sergeant Alicia Stone has always been the odd woman out and frequently in conflict with male officers who think they know her job better than she does. Max, however needs her more than anyone she's ever met. He's a soldier who can't shoot or defend himself in any way. She takes on the task of keeping him in one piece and teaching him the basics of combat, but it's tough to train a man who refuses to fight back. That might be a problem, because a madman is gunning for Max with a virus that might just wipe humanity out entirely.

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book review: 6+ stars!!!

Damn! This Biological Response Team really knows how to do a number on me! And Julie Rowe made me, once again, obsessed, in love and addicted with her heroes. Simply. Couldn’t. Put. It. Down.

I’d have never guessed how much of an killer-awesome combination Army and Romance make together. But after reading first, Lethal Game and now Viral Justice, I couldn’t but making it one of my top favorites genres. Seriously, I have become a junkie for this stories, and especially this series!! The way its stories are unfolding is taking your breathe away and is leaving you wanting more and more and more. But let’s focus on Viral Justice.

While reading it, I couldn’t not feel, except from happy, giddiness and swooning, also weird. Why is that? Because the whole situation with Akbar (the bad guy) reminded me sort of all the horrible things that ISIS has done and keeps doing these past months. Everything horrible thing that was happening reminded me of them, making me feel a shiver down my spine and a figment of doubt about this couple not having a HEA took a root in me. And it stayed until the very last chapters but, in the end, it went away.

This time, we get to read the love of Max and Ali. Colonel Maximilian is the lead doctor of the Biological Response Team of US Army and Sergeant Alicia Stone is his bodyguard. Yes, you read that right! Ali is Special Forces and assigned to protect Max while he’s trying to predict the next action of Akbar. While they are being in the base, the nights get a bit more hot and sexually interesting. Unfortunately, soon they are heading over to a village where a virus is in full force. And that’s where my heart started skipping beats! And that’s where their love proved its worth and got incredibly deep.

This is book not only shows – actually proves – once more how twisted and evil can mankind really become. But, at the same time, it shows how much power has a love with the depth of that which Max and Ali share. It was something wonderful and unforgettable and I will cherish this story and couple for a long long long time. They have claimed a great part of my heart. And how couldn’t they since they are just So. Damn. Fan-fucking-tastic!! I more than recommend this book and series! It has become a MUST in my opinion! :) It worths everything that you give it……. Can’t wait to see what will come next!!



Viral Justice




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