Review: Teach Me: Lessons in Seduction by Sophie Holloway

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Review: Teach Me: Lessons in Seduction by Sophie Holloway

Review: Teach Me: Lessons in Seduction by Sophie HollowayTeach Me: Lessons in Seduction by Sophie Holloway
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Published by Self Taught Ninja on February 22nd 2016
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I'm Manhattan's biggest player, a man with a reputation for delivering unparalleled pleasure.

But she's untouchable. Off limits. And the most captivating woman I've ever met

I've never wanted a woman they way I want my business partner's little sister. But I've learned to hold back when it comes to the seductively innocent Eva.

Until the day she asks me to teach her everything. Absolutely everything. Every position, every seductive trick, every wicked, forbidden way I've ever pleasured the women I've brought home.

I've promised to protect this girl, but there's only so much a man can resist...

I've wanted him for years.

Jack Bennett is sinfully gorgeous, utterly charming, and, as rumor has it, a GOD in bed.

The time has come to shed my virginity, join the ranks of women having sex in the city, and learn how to please a man.

Who else would I ask but him? My teenage crush, and the only man who has ever made my bones melt with one dark, sinful look.

The problem is--someone doesn't want me to move beyond the fear and pain of the past, and that someone is closing in on me...

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Vivian’s Review: 5 stars

For this being Sophie Holloway’s debut novel, I was BLOWN away! I literally could NOT put this book down…finished it in one day! The hunger and desire between these two characters leapt off the page and the storyline made it impossible to not get wrapped up in. It is exactly as the title suggests…TEACH ME (Lessons in Seduction). Eva Fiorini seeks out guidance in certain*ahem* aspects of her life from her lifetime crush Jack Bennett, whom also happens to be her brother’s best friend and co-owner of The Fiorini Group (real estate investing). “I need you to teach me some things. Personal things.” –Eva.  Since the recent unexpected passing of her brother, Eva is left adrift, completely on her own. Her brother had always been this overprotective figure in her life, not allowing her to do anything on her own and now without his constant watchful eye, she is left to explore. “Eva was a good girl –always had been…” –Jack. This is exactly why at 26, she finds herself still a virgin with basically NO experience on how to “drive a man crazy”. Now she’s ready to shed her innocence and explore that part of herself and who better to show her the way than Manhattan’s notorious player and bachelor, Jack Bennett? Eva decides to proposition him and in doing so, she awakens a need in him that he didn’t know he had. He finds himself unable to resist her and takes on the task as “teacher”. “She’d always been a mirage—beautiful, but completely, impossibly out of reach.”–Jack. Right as things start to get steamy between them, there is this threat that could potentially mess up their growing relationship.
This was the “foundation” book…it gave the reader just enough storyline and plot to keep you glued to the pages and intrigued about the mystery in the background. I, for one, am excited to see where this story goes! Bring on book 2, TAKE ME!!! (Anticipated release date March 7, 2016). If you’re looking for a quick, hot read that has a splash of mystery, then this is the series for you.
***WARNING: ends in a cliffy! You have been warned *wink*


Jenn’s Review: 3 stars

This one was a cute short story with a good and promising plot but somehow along the way my interest faded more and more.

Jack is a well known player and women adore him and would do pretty much anything for a night with him. He is running a big company and trying to hold it together after his best friend Antonio died in a tragic accident. Just when things couldn’t get any worse Antonio’s little sister Eva approaches Jack and asks him to help her.

What she needs help with is a bit awkward. She wants Jack to teach her how to seduce and satisfy men. And right there and then desire within him for her awakens and he is fighting a inner battle of giving in to her request and staying true to his friend and not play with his sister.

Someone has eyes on Eva and she feels followed but she brushes it all off with a paranoia that her father and brother imposed on her.

There were some good elements in the book that could have turned our really great.

But something was lacking for my taste. The mystery was promising but there was just too little of it.

The sexy parts between Jack and Eva were OK, but nothing more I am afraid.

I wished for more background story, more depth, more quality.

This is a series but it could have easily been combined in one book and published as a stand alone instead.


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