Excerpt Reveal: The Remingtons: City of Love by Kaira Rouda

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Excerpt Reveal: The Remingtons: City of Love by Kaira RoudaThe Remingtons: City of Love by Kaira Rouda
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Published by Self Published on March 2nd 2016
Genres: Romance
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Her heart is empty in the new life she’s living.
Charlotte Taylor knows she’s gorgeous. She’s been told that all her life. Since she was a child, her mom, a former model and Miss Georgia, has been grooming her for a professional modeling career and tomorrow, she’ll sign with the top agency in New York City. It should be a dream come true.
Alone, and unhappy, she doesn’t know where to turn.

Hale Scott works long hours as a chef at the hottest restaurant in Manhattan. It should be his dream job, serving hip food to the coolest crowd in the city. The only problem is his boss. The highlight of his evening is the gorgeous woman he keeps making eye contact with, sitting at the table closest to the kitchen. She looks sad and lonely and he hopes she’s still there when the dinner rush subsides.

Charlotte and Hale find an instant connection but a relationship is the last thing Charlotte needs and the only thing Hale wants. Can they find a way to stay together in the overwhelming city, or can they find their own city of love?

Cameo by: Siena Remington from Melissa Foster’s Flames of Love

**Remington Kindle World Novella based off of Melissa Foster's Remington Series**

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Hale tugged on her arm, pulling her down a side alley, a gleam of excitement in his eye. “Come with me. I want to show you another of my favorite spots.”

Hale led her down the narrow alley between two tall buildings and suddenly, they were in a small green park. Charlotte was enchanted. She was surprised that there could be a place this pastoral in a city like this. In the center of the small space was a bubbling fountain.

“This is wonderful. Who knew there would be places like this, here,” she said, looking around, completely charmed.

“That’s what I love about this city. All the surprises, big and small. Like meeting you tonight,” he said. Suddenly they were face to face, in this romantic starlit space. Charlotte looked up at Hale, standing in front of her, and all she wanted was for him to kiss her.

“Kiss me,” she said, and heard him inhale a breath before taking her face gently between his two hands and kissing her tenderly on the lips. Her head filled with stars at the gentle romantic kiss. As if moving of their own accord, she ran her hands up his chest and onto his shoulders, wrapping them around him. She felt his hand in her hair, cradling her as he deepened the kiss. Before she knew it, she was melting into his embrace. And all too quickly, she felt him pulling away.

“Wow,” he said, breaking the kiss but keeping his eyes locked on hers.

She shivered, suddenly cold. As if he was in tune with her already, Hale pulled her to him.


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