Caro’s Review: Slave to the Rhythm by Jane Harvey-Berrick

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Caro’s Review: Slave to the Rhythm by Jane Harvey-Berrick

Caro’s Review: Slave to the Rhythm by Jane Harvey-BerrickSlave to the Rhythm by Jane Harvey-Berrick
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Published by Self Published on March 8th 2016
Genres: Romance
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DANCE. Guns.

MUSIC. Bullets.


Music in my head, dance in my body, the rhythm of my heart.

How far can you fall in just one month? How quickly can the human spirit be broken? Where does evil hide in plain sight?

Ash wants to dance. Needs it. To leave behind a life of expectation and duty, to set his soul free.

But life is never that simple. Every step is a journey on a new road.

For every action, there is a reaction.

Every choice has a consequence.

And when you meet the wrong person, all bets are off.

Laney tolerates her limitations, pushing quietly at boundaries. But when Ash crashes into her world through rage and violence, it sets off a chain reaction that neither of them expected.

♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪♫♪

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SLAVE TEASER More than air to breathe

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4,5 stars

“Slave to the Rhythm” is the story of Ash and Laney. They meet by chance in a nightclub in Vegas and soon a very dangerous journey for both of them begins. And in their case, what happens in Vegas unfortunately doesn’t stay in Vegas…

Well, this book was definitely a new side to one of my favorite authors of all times! I know that Jane Harvey-Berrick can write about romance as well as she can write about war or physical disabilities – but that she can write dark this well? My sweet, nice Jane??? Never would have guessed it, but I love so much that she took me completely by surprise with this new book of hers! LOL Admittedly, it took me quite some time to wrap my head around the darkness, she presented me with in “Slave to the Rhythm” and I suddenly understood the title of the book a whole lot better. This book contains issues like human trafficking and prostitution, as well as raw violence. So, yes – the author had me shocked to my core about her ability to tell about all this in such a realistic manner. But please don’t let that keep you from reading the book. “Slave to the Rhythm” touched me deeply with its beautiful love story and amazing characters, too. It was so multi-layered, I never knew what would happen if I turned the page.

Talking about amazing characters – the heroine of her story, Laney, was one of the strongest and sweetest women I’ve ever read about. She was adorable from page one and I had a serious girl-crush on her. Ash was a hot headed and passionate man and he went through so much. My heart literally broke for him. But in the end, Jane Harvey-Berrick managed to mend it again and in such a beautiful way. I think I won’t spoiler too much if I say, that until now, each and every book I read by her has left me with a dopey grin on my face and a warm feeling in my heart!

Her writing is just as amazing as usual. The dancing scenes were described so vivid and realistic that I really saw Ash doing a Paso Doble on a stage in front of me… I literally could taste their blood, sweat and tears and that is what makes Jane’s books so special to me.

This book had everything – humor, great sex-scenes, emotions, suspense, amazing characters, good pace and last but not least the most satisfying HEA. Although, I wouldn’t mind reading more about Ash and Laney, just sayin’… LOL The only issue keeping me from rating this story with 5 stars is the fact that it took me relatively long to feel the romance between the MC’s. I felt for both of them as individuals from the beginning, but for me their romance only started after 40% into the book. Or at least I just was able to feel it from there on out. But I guess that this complaint is rather personal and shouldn’t bother anyone else.

All in all, I rate “Slave to the Rhythm” with 4,5 stars and can definitely recommend it. Standalone, full length novel with HEA.

*** Trigger warning, this book contains issues such as human trafficking, prostitution, violence and rape. It is definitely not for the faint of heart! ***

And now I’m stalking Jane Harvey-Berrick on Facebook, until I know more about Luka’s story – you know, patience is not one of my virtues… Bahaha




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