Angy’s Review: Make Me Forget by Beth Kery

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Angy’s Review: Make Me Forget by Beth KeryMake Me Forget by Beth Kery
Published by InterMix on April 5th 2016
Genres: BDSM, Erotica, Romance
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Part One of the Make Me Serial

The New York Times bestselling author of Because You Are Mine,The Affair, and Glow is back with a tantalizing new serial novel about hidden pasts, dangerous obsessions, and uncontrollable passion...
Harper McFaddan has made her name as an investigative journalist by being both compassionate and fearless. After tragedy strikes her family, she moves to the shores of Lake Tahoe to find some peace. But when mysterious software mogul Jacob Latimer comes into her life, her thoughts turn from her own healing to an urgent need to get closer to him...

Jacob Latimer is the definition of a self-made man. The software entrepreneur built his corporation from nothing, but rumors abound about the shadiness of his rise to power  and no one knows what secrets lurk in his past. Harper is the last person he should let into his life. As an investigative journalist, she’s the one person who could expose his hidden origins. But Jacob knows things about Harper’s past that make him irresistibly drawn to her. He wants nothing more than to make her his—and Jacob is a man who always gets what he wants...

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Includes a bonus excerpt of Beth Kery’s The Affair.

Praise for Beth Kery

“Addictive, delectable reading.”—USA Today

“Wicked good storytelling.”—Jaci Burton, New York Timesbestselling author

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Book Review: 4 stars

It’s been a while since I read a serial by Beth Kery. I remember loving Because You Are Mine because it was filled with lots of kinky sex, romance and drama that kept me invested the entire time. The new serial, Make Me, promises to be as good as that one I read.

The first book of the series is Make Me Forget. Harper just moved to a new city, actually it’s a small town where she got a new job as editor in one of the local newspapers, and mainly, she is starting all over again, in order to forget. There she met Jacob, a tech billionaire who was very interested in her, in a very obsessive way, I may add—Not that I’m complaining, I love a man like Jacob #BookBoyfriendAlert. He was willing to expose his private life to a journalist, just to get to be close to her. He was willing to lose control with her, in order to take her completely.

In this first installment of the serial, there are some revelations about both characters that added a good plot to the story, but don’t worry, I won’t say spoilers, I just have to say, pay attention to the details. I’m sure they will be very important as the story is going.

I can’t wait to read the next book, thankfully, I won’t have to wait much for it.





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MakeMe2_Tremble-267x400MAKE ME TREMBLE

Make Me Serial, Part II
April 12, 2016
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Jacob’s dark past comes to light as the thrilling new serial novel from New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery continues…

When Jacob Latimer ran into Harper McFaddan on the beach, she thought it was the first time their paths had crossed. Only Jacob knows that his murky history connects with hers in ways she couldn’t imagine—ways that make their relationship dangerous. He should let her go. But now that he’s felt her in his arms, he worries that he’ll never be able to forsake her…

Harper has never been this attracted to anyone before—nor has she ever been so intimidated. Jacob can go from aloof and mysterious to total mastery of her mind and body in a second flat. In the glamorous setting of his luxurious yacht, he finally stakes his claim. And he won’t stop until he has every inch of her under his delicious control…

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MakeMe3_SayIt-267x400MAKE ME SAY IT

Make Me Serial, Part III
April 19, 2016 Kindle – Nook – iBooks – Kobo

Attraction melts into obsession in New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery’s latest installment of her beguiling new serial novel…

Even as Jacob offers Harper a life of luxury and indulgence that thrills all her senses, she grows wary of this powerful man and his unquenchable desires. In their most intimate moments, Harper can’t help but submit to his seductive demands. But the man outside the bedroom, whose early business dealings carry an air of questionable origins, who refuses to share even the smallest detail about his past, is an entirely different story…

Jacob worries that, deep inside, Harper must recognize who he really is—the boy he was before he became a powerful, billionaire mogul. As much as he craves acknowledgment of their shared past, he dreads she might call him out as a fraud and leave his life forever…

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Includes a bonus excerpt of Beth Kery’s Because You Are Mine.

MakeMe4_Desperate-267x400MAKE ME DESPERATE

Make Me Serial, Part IV
April 26, 2016 Kindle – Nook – iBooks – Kobo

Jacob and Harper push the boundaries of danger and desire in the next installment of the alluring serial novel from New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery…

Jacob’s addiction to Harper is putting his life’s work at risk, but he can’t deny himself the pleasure he feels when he’s with her. Even when her seeming refusal to acknowledge their past connection makes him doubt her true intentions, he finds himself pushing their affair further, insisting Harper submit to their attraction, even in the most compromising of circumstances.

As their encounters become even more lavish, daring, and intimate, Harper aches to break down the walls around Jacob’s heart. But she fears his secrets conceal a dark side she’s not ready to face. When he suggests a weekend in San Francisco together, she accepts despite her doubts about getting involved with such a guarded, powerful man. There’s something about him that keeps her coming back for more. He claims he’s obsessed, but she is every bit as compelled…

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MakeMe5_RiskIt-267x400MAKE ME RISK IT

Make Me Serial, Part V
May 3, 2016 Kindle – Nook – iBooks – Kobo

As the new serial novel from New York Times bestseller Beth Kery continues, Harper is caught between her demons and a desire to go deeper in her relationship with Jacob…

Harper has had more than her fair share of bad luck with men. Although Jacob treats her royally and she can’t resist his challenging sexual demands, his secretive nature makes her worry that he’s just like all the rest. When a romantic trip to San Francisco gives her a glimpse into his past, Harper’s distrust of powerful men kicks into overdrive. Between his questionable business activities, which Harper’s paper wants to expose, and his secretive relationship with another woman, Harper wonders if his intentions are truly noble…

Unable to get her out of his head, Jacob takes the risk of exposing part of his painful past to Harper. Even though his fascination with her could be his downfall, Jacob willing to do anything to bind her even closer to him…

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Make Me Serial, Part VI
May 10, 2016 Kindle – Nook – iBooks – Kobo

As their relationship grows more intense, so do Harper’s concerns and Jacob’s secrets, as the next chapter of New York Timesbestselling author Beth Kery’s sexy serial novel continues…

Haunted by the prospect of possessing Harper whenever he can, Jacob deepens his risk, indulging in a passionate escape with her at his Sea Cliff mansion. In their moments of intimacy, there are times when Jacob could swear Harper remembers their shared past, making him wonder if she’s purposefully misleading him about forgetting Jake Tharp. But despite his suspicions and increasing worries for her well-being if she does remember that traumatic time, he finds himself falling harder for the woman who has reignited his most savage desires, and his most tender feelings…

Harper can’t help feeling uneasy even though Jacob has begun to slowly open up to her about his past and his relationship with the beautiful Regina Morrow. There’s a mystery to her lover that she can’t comprehend, even as she draws alarmingly close to him with each second she spends in his challenging, intoxicating presence. As their days of volatile passion and pleasure in San Francisco draw to a close, she realizes how much she longs for this enigmatic man. Despite her fears about his secretiveness, when he reveals he wants her to stay with him indefinitely in his Lake Tahoe home, she realizes just how strong her need for him has grown…

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Includes a bonus excerpt of Beth Kery’s Since I Saw You.

MakeMe7_Remember-267x400MAKE ME REMEMBER

Make Me Serial, Part VII
May 17, 2016 Kindle – Nook – iBooks – Kobo

The riveting serial novel fromNew York Times bestseller Beth Kery continues, as the truth of Jacob and Harper’s terrible past begins to come to light—threatening to destroy Harper’s safety and make her never look at Jacob the same way again…

During sun-drenched, passionate days spent on Jacob’s yacht, Harper and Jacob fall deeper in love, taking risks not only with their bodies but their hearts. The only thing standing between Jacob and pure bliss is the suspicion that Harper’s memories are returning. If they do, she may never see him the same way again—or let him keep her safe from the horror that she faced as a young girl…

The sense of security and trust Harper feels with Jacob has her finally abandoning herself to sensual decadence along with the truth that she’s hopelessly in love with this dark, daring man. With her submission to her feelings, sad memories and dreams begin to rise to the surface of her conciousness-and hers isn’t the only past being unburied. When one of her reporters reveals a startling revolation about Jacob’s history, their shared experiences crash together in a way that will change her forever.

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Includes a bonus excerpt of Beth Kery’s Exposed to You.

MakeMe8_Forever-267x400MAKE ME FOREVER

Make Me Serial, Part VIII
May 24, 2016 Kindle – Nook – iBooks – Kobo

As the New York Timesbestselling author of Because You Are Mine and The Affairdelivers the final installment of her breathtaking new serial novel, Jacob and Harper are forced to examine the strength of their love— and the frailty of their desire…

Unable to hide from Harper any longer, Jacob reveals his painful past, finally acknowledging his long-hidden connection to her. Afraid the truth will drive her away forever, he’s surprised when Harper exposes startling facts about her own past.

Harper is is angry at Jacob for robbing her of someone she’d loved and burying a part of himself she’d forever cherish. Still, when he faces a devastating loss, Harper races to his side. Strengthened by Harper’s love, Jacob finally fully bares his soul and reveals everything he has kept hidden. But if they are to have a future together, he will need to release all of his shame—and embrace a happiness they both desperately deserve..

Includes a bonus excerpt of Beth Kery’s Only for You, a One Night of Passion novel.




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