Jenn’s Audiobook Review: The Belonging Duet Box Set by Corinne Michaels

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Jenn’s Audiobook Review: The Belonging Duet Box Set by Corinne MichaelsThe Belonging Duet Box Set by Corinne Michaels
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Published by BAAE Publishing on January 18th 2015
Genres: Romance
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The Bestselling Belonging Duet Boxset includes both books as well as Bonus Material available only in this set!

Catherine Pope had her happily ever after in sight, only to have it ripped away. To ensure it doesn’t happen again, she constructs impenetrable walls around her heart. When Jackson Cole turns her world upside down, she’ll have to fight every fear she has. Jackson pushes her, gives her hope, and terrifies her.

His training as a Navy SEAL never prepared him for the battle to win her heart, but he’s determined to claim her. However, Jackson isn’t without his own demons. If she lets him in and he destroys her … can she survive?

Together they must decide if they are each other’s beloved or if they’re beholden to their fears.


Beloved: Audiobook Review – 5 stars

Corinne Michaels has found her way into my heart and she is making herself comfortable there :)

Catherine has been betrayed by her father when he walked out of her life when she was a little girl and he never looked back. She suffered for years and is still not over that pain. She is engaged and planning to marry the man she loves until she finds out he too has betrayed her, fooled her and deceived her. Once again she stands alone and broken and has lost all hope in men.

When she meets Jackson on a night out with her friends she thinks he is only after one thing with her. She will be the one walking away this time. She doesn’t need him, she doesn’t need anyone. No man will ever get a chance to break her again.

Jackson is a man with many talents and his will power is one of them. He even has secrets and buries on a lot of pain of his own. When their ways crosses again and faith brings them together through work he is doing everything he can to win Catherine over and make her see that she can trust HIM.

Until he too makes his exist from Catherine’s life and she is broken all over again.

This is a story about broken promises and trust, about losing hope of happy endings, about that fear of being left alone and hurting over and over again. A story about finding your special someone even if you aren’t looking for them. Someone who will pick up the pieces and puzzle you back up together.

Catherine and Jackson are two people who think they know exactly what they want and are sometimes blind for what is right in front of them. I loved to see how they found healing in each other and how their love for one another gave them strength to move on and reopen their hearts for happiness.

It is clear to see how much talent and quality this author provides. How she cares for her stories and that her readers get the full blown experience. I can’t wait to read more, I am so hooked that is hard to even try to explain. The book ends with a cliffhanger that will leave you breathless and crave for To Be Continued sooner than later!

This is definitely worth your time, so IF you haven’t already started this amazing series please do yourself a favor and drop everything and go read NOW!!!

The narration has been done by Hollie Jackson and this is the first time I have listened to her work. She did ok, the narration itself was pretty good, I just think someone else would have been a better choice for the job. Somehow her voice was dragging the story down for me. I wasn’t convinced about the way she portrayed emotions and reactions. My heart wasn’t onboard at all times.


Beholden: Audiobook Review – 3 stars

Corinne Michaels has found her way into my heart and she is making herself comfortable there :)

Catherine’s fears turned out to be her reality once again. She let him in, opened her heart for him just so it would get shuddered into pieces. She wants to fight for him, fight for them and their future.

But Jackson is not letting go of his past, his own pain that is killing him from the inside. He is convinced that by staying by her side he will only destroy her completely and that is one thing he swore to not let happen ever again.

This was the last book for me to finish in this series (yes, yes I read them in wrong order) and this one was if I may say so the weakest one of all *heart breaking* I was expecting the story to blow up a little bit more after we got left with that cliff in book 1 Beloved. Or maybe it was that the narrator Hollie felt wrong for this task and was sort of killing the story for me*hiding under the bed* At this point I wish I didn’t chased the audiobook but read it in print instead. I think I would have gotten a different feel for it.

I could have wished for more of Jackson’s point of view as well and not just has the most part of the story focused on Catherine. The writing itself was perfectly completed like in the rest of Corinne’s books. The woman has a gift and I am glad I came across to her and her amazingly great stories. What I did LOVE about this part is the epilogue, so full of hope, positivity, fun and happiness. I could read that over and over again.

This book has dual narration, which has been done by Hollie Jackson and Ryan Hudson. Hollie did ok here; I had a problem with the tune of her too soft voice for my taste. The star of this show is definitely Ryan. WOW the way he takes over Jackson’s personality is beyond amazing. Especially in the action scenes his talent and capacity are coming out to their fullest. God and everyone around me knows that I love audiobooks and that Sebastian York is holding his position as the King of narration on my pedestal but Ryan is kicking ass on this assignment.   HE is the PERFECT choice for this job no question about it. I will immediately search for more books narrated by him and looking forward to hear more.






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