Vivian’s Review: Easy Virtue by Mia Asher

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Vivian’s Review: Easy Virtue by Mia AsherEasy Virtue by Mia Asher
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Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing on December 3rd 2014
Genres: Dark, Erotica, Romance
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Love is selfish...

My name is Blaire.
I'm the bad girl.
The other woman.
The one who never gets the guy in the end.

I'm the gold digger.
The bitch.
The one no one roots for.
The one you love to hate.

I hate myself too...

Everyone has a story. Are you ready for mine?


First of all, I have to say this…Love-triangles!!! *hits head against the wall* THIS book was a reminder why I try to avoid them! It’s my own fault for going into this book blind. It’s such a love/hate relationship for me with those types of plots, BUT I will admit Mia Asher spun this particular love-triangle in a completely different way than others I’ve read. I almost wouldn’t describe it as a love-triangle, other than the fact that there’s 3 people involved, but not technically at the same time…it’s hard to explain, you have to read it to understand. I think EASY VIRTUE was more of a set up for a love-triangle and SWEETEST VENOM (Virtue #2) will have more of the love-triangle qualities. I can admit that at the end of EASY VIRTUE, I am very curious to see where these “relationships” go. You’ll understand why I put relationships in “quotations” when you read the book.

I devoured this book from the first page to the last. I felt emotions ranging from anger to sadness…I even shed some tears :’( I find it kind of comical that Mia was able to induce such feelings from me, when in this book Blair is so dependent on NOT feeling. Kudos to you Mia for making both Blair and me feel! *wink* LOL.

I also have to compliment Mia this…there has to be something said for an author to be able to spin a plot like this and have an unlikable heroine impossible to not like in the end. I have to give Mia Asher HUGE credit for making me like a damaged heroine such as Blair. Blair is the epitome of a damaged heroine and a poster child for abandonment issues if I ever saw one! “I made the decision that no one—no one—was ever going to hurt me like they did. And whatever was left of my heart, I surrounded it with so many thorns and spikes that if you ever came anywhere near it, I would willingly and happily hurt you.” –Blair. And Blair did exactly that! But my goodness, her character was so incredibly developed and multi-faceted, that it was impossible to not root for her to find happiness and to find someone that will put up with her, even though she seems undeserving at times with the things she does and says. But isn’t it the ones that hide their true selves by hurting others and themselves, that need love the most? Blair is definitely one of those people. I can’t wait to see where her character goes in book 2 and if she removes some of those thorns around her heart.

This was my first Mia Asher novel and I can tell already that I will be coming back for more of her books. I am SO thankful I waited to read EASY VIRTUE until weeks before book 2 comes out. I think if I would’ve read this when it first came out, I would’ve died slowly while waiting for book 2! That cliffy was an unsettling twist and I, for one, have an ENDLESS supply of questions and I cannot wait to read what happens next for Blair, Ronan and Lawrence! Who will she end up with?!? Right now I am #teamRonan *swoon* “Why me, Ronan?” “Because when I look at you, I see everything I want and everything I need.” But I will admit, Lawrence definitely has me intrigued. “The man is taboo…forbidden, yet so appealing.” –Blair. Who doesn’t get intrigued by the forbidden? There’s more to him than meets the eye and I want to know his story and why he desires Blair so much!

In the end, Mia left me craving more of Blair, Ronan and Lawrence and their unique story. I wouldn’t classify this as a “romance” per say, but there is definite feelings of love happening. (It is heading in the romance direction though) Nor is this a “dark romance”. It is in a genre of its own!

“Love is dangerous. Love has the ability to break the unbreakable.” –Blair.

5 Stars!


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