Angy’s Review: Red by T.L. Smith

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Angy’s Review: Red by T.L. SmithRed by T.L. Smith
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Published by Self Published on Apr 01, 2016
Genres: Crime, Erotica, Romance
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A wound to the heart, a hole so deep.

Can it be fixed?

Or simply replaced?

People lie. Those closest to me, tell the most lies.

Do they not know who I am? What I’m capable of?

Sometimes I wonder if they do. Because when I unravel their lies, they will be delivered to the hell I once visited. And it won’t be pleasant.

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Book Review: 3 Stars

I was expecting for this book so eagerly, so desperately! I needed to know how Rose and Liam would find each others paths again and have the HEA! BUT…. and yes, but in caps! Because, Oh. My. God. This book had me so annoyed from the beginning, but the need to know how it would end kept me going, kept me hooked to the story despite all the things I didn’t like. Yes, there were so many things I didn’t like, and most of them are related to why I don’t like dark books. I don’t like torture, hard core violence or less, captivity. It’s all my fault, there were all this things in the first book, and even so, I decided to read this one, but those subjects in this book were more brutal. And there was another thing, that I won’t mention because that’d be a spoiler to the story, that didn’t add up to me. It was not believable, it didn’t make sense to me at all. But despite these facts, there were things I did like. Rose’s kids were the best, Jake was the loyal friend he was in the first book and the romance and passion between Rose and Liam were present from the beginning, so that made this book enjoyable to read.

If you loved Black and you like dark books, you might like this book, so go ahead and read it. Please let me know what you think afterwards. I’d love to read your thoughts.


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