Ralou’s Review: Possession by Violetta Rand

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Ralou’s Review: Possession by Violetta RandPossession From the series: Sons of Odin MC #2
by Violetta Rand
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Published by Loveswept on April 12th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
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The Sons of Odin motorcycle club is back! Violetta Rand follows up Persuasion (“A seriously sexy thrill ride!”—Stacey Kennedy) with a sizzling short novel that takes passion to the brink of chaos . . . and beyond.

Ambitious young attorney Tina Bethel doesn’t have time for commitment, but she wouldn’t pass up some hot, no-strings sex with the right guy—like Sons of Odin officer Vincent Ramos. Six feet, five inches of solid muscle and biker masculinity, he revs Tina up like no man ever has. The trouble is, every time they get physical, Tina’s cravings are never quenched—because Vincent always pumps the brakes before the point of no return.

With her sexy body packaged in a short skirt, Tina’s enough to drive any man crazy. Vincent isn’t sure how he’s resisted her shameless come-ons. He just knows that if he gives in, he won’t be able to stop—and after two failed marriages, he can’t afford any more broken promises. But when a disgruntled client of Tina’s starts stalking her, Vincent has to make up his mind about his true feelings—fast. Because if he’s willing to put his body in the line of fire, he should be able to risk his heart in the name of love.

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Book review: 4 biker stars

Once again Violetta Rand draws me into her wonderful world of irresistible bikers. First, in Persuasion, she made me fall head over heels in love with the special and one-of-the kind prez of the Sons of Odin MC, Lang Anderson. Now, she makes me do the same with MC’s treasurer, Vincent Ramos – I simply L O V E the name btw. But let’s take it from the start…..

The Sons of Odin MC series has a new addition to its family; the second installment, Possession. This book concentrates on the story of Vincent Ramos, Lang’s BFF and treasurer of the MC, and Valentina Bethel, Lily’s BFF and roommate. They both were instantly attracted to each other since the moment they first met and that attraction grew even and even more during an even they had to organize together on Lang and Lily’s behalf. But, after some very unfortunate things that happened during it, they walked away from each other and never saw each other again.

Until, now, almost a year later, Tina finds herself in the lot of MC’s clubhouse, needing and asking indirectly a “refuge”. You see, Tina is being stalked by one of her clients. And when I mean stalked, I mean even-I-was-terrified stalked. And that’s how her irresistible and incredible biker comes back in her life. So, while Vincent and Tina are trying to find a solution to this scary problem, the fire they were sharing found ground to light up again; but much more powerful than before.

Guns and knives could maim and kill him, but Valentina Bethel could shatter his world.

And definitely, the only way to describe their first few encounters of their reunion is as a cat and mouse game. Really, it so damn fun and hot seeing Tina doing the cat and Vincent being the mouse. I enjoyed the hell out of it and them! It was simply amazing. But soon, that game ended and they drove straight to Lovers-Crazy-Hot-For-Each-Other territory. And if you combine it with Vincent’s thirst and desire to protect Tina with every cost, then you get a love that breaks all the HOTNESS and SWOONING thermometers.

Vincent Ramos was the perfect vigilante.

The way the story unfolds blows minds! It allows the personalities of these two to expand and evolve completely, turning them into two extremely well-written characters and, also, for their story to go to a very strong and deep level of love. Vincent being a biker who is the amazing combination of tough, tattooed, alpha male, protective, caring, incredibly sweet, a gentleman, smart etc and Tina being the lawyer who is independent, a firecracker, protective, persuasive, not a quiter etc, make a couple that I will love, cherish and remember for a long long long time.

Violetta rocked another book of this series and she keeps adding more and more suspense in it which makes me unable to resist it. And damn if she knows how to right an  AMAZING end in every one of her books! My radars are fully on for J.T.’s story or for any other work of her!




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