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You have been warned – Explicit scenes, unexpected twists full of suspense and off the grid angst which skirt along the edges of the dark side will make your heart pound, your pulse race, and the pages flip. And…be prepared to be thrown over a damn cliff.

Fearless and determined, Quinn is the perfect man for the job the Moretti mob has in mind: track down missing mafia princess, Alexis Moretti, and bring her home.

What starts out as a simple task to repay an old debt turns into so much more than he bargained for… And so does she.

As Quinn and Lexi grow close, she becomes more than just his mission. But Lexi and Quinn are both keeping secrets–secrets that could destroy their blossoming romance just as quickly as it ignited. When Lexi’s past catches up with them, secrets and lies will be revealed, and the ultimate test of forgiveness will be upon them both.



Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00007]Quinn II

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QUINN IS BACK and pushing the limits on it all — suspense, sex, love, gut-wrenching emotions — with a fiery intense conclusion to his and Lexi’s story. The more Alexis runs, the harder Quinn fights for her.

It’s an undeniable truth; bad things happen to good people, and Lexi is not impervious to the realities of the life she left behind.

Keeping Lexi safe at all cost, Quinn remains unwavering in his duties, constantly putting his life on the line, time and time again.

Two tortured souls are pushed to the edges of their sanity and their love will be put to the test. Tempers flare, emotions burst, and love flickers, but after the ultimate explosion, can forgiveness be found amongst the rubble?

Alexis needs Quinn more than ever…and Quinn must decide if Lexi is truly his fate or if their romance was never meant to survive beyond his mission. One thing is for certain: neither Quinn nor Alexis will be the same after surfacing from the mountain trails. Now that they’ve survived the wild, can they survive each other?




My senses slowly come to life as a sweet, warm body presses up against mine. This is my favorite part of the day, most especially when I find myself wrapped around a tight body from the night before. Usually these types of mornings are reserved for Saturday and Sunday, but I happened to venture out last night to have a few beers with Stryker at the local steakhouse & brewery, and wound up coming home no worse for the wear, bringing home a sexy blonde on a Tuesday.

    No matter how hard I try, I can never seem to remember their names. In all honesty, I don’t want to remember. I know this most likely puts me in the womanizer/dick category, but at least I lay down the law of the no repeats rule from the get-go. One night and one night only is all they get from me. I don’t do repeats. Hell, you’d think I would’ve run out of local women to choose from by the way I’m talking, but I’m really picky about who I bring home, and some nights I have been known to come home alone, never willing to settle.

    The busty beauty I brought home last night squirms against me, and I stifle a moan. My growing cock is settled right between her ass cheeks. I’m barely awake; I know this, because I never let my dick control me, but this morning, it’s calling the shots.  

    She shifts closer toward the warmth of my body in her sleep, and my hips thrust forward slightly in response. I wrap my hand around her stomach as my cock commands me to pull her sexy ass against it. My stiff dick pulsates with anticipation.

    My hand has a mind of its own as I slowly make a lazy trail to her inner thigh, and then gently hoist her leg up and over my own, opening her up to me. My hips gently thrust forward again as I slide my erection over her wetness. She’s already soaked; her sex is primed and just waiting to be fucked. My nose nuzzles against the crook of her neck, and I breathe in her lightly perfumed hair. I’m in my element, and I admit I’m a bit of a rogue. A desperate moan escapes her lips when I caress and rub small, firm circles over her needy clit.

    I nip at her ear, and then trail light, sensual, open-mouthed kisses down the length of her neck. My dick is on a mission, and it throbs with need as I slip a finger deep inside her heat.

    Her breath hitches when I add a second finger, pushing hard and deep. She reaches behind her, searching until she finds my throbbing cock, and then wraps her hand around my hard length, giving me a firm squeeze. I respond by thrusting my hips forward. As she begins to stroke me, I can feel my heart pounding with anticipation in this sleepy, blissful haze of mine.  

    My dick is aching to be nestled between her silky folds, so I remove my fingers from her sex, then brush her hand away. Positioning the tip of my cock at her entrance from behind, I slip partially inside her several times, teasing her with my girth. She reaches behind me, digging her nails into my ass, wanting more. I back out of her heat and stroke over her clit with my crown, and she whimpers in frustration, but I want her to beg for it. She tries to buck her hips back against mine, but I pull away.

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