Excerpt Reveal: Up In Flames by Kelly Hashway

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Excerpt Reveal: Up In Flames by Kelly HashwayUp In Flames by Kelly Hashway
Published by Limitless Publishing LL on April 12th 2016
Genres: Paranormal, Supernatural, Young Adult
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Seventeen-year-old Cara Tillman is in more danger than ever.

All around her, Cara’s fellow Phoenixes are being attacked. With no other choice, she and her group take the only option they have—call more Phoenixes out of hiding and wage an all-out war against the Hunters. But with the lines of loyalty blurred, and Phoenix secrets to be kept, there’s no guarantee anyone can be trusted.

Logan Schmidt walks the blade of love and obligation—and just one slip may end them all.

After stealing the Phoenix dagger and going into hiding, the Hunters are convinced Logan is one of their own. But with Cara’s memories recovered, her heart is set on Logan’s return. The problem is, she may be the only one who trusts him.

It isn’t long until Logan’s disappearance is noticed by his long-time friend, Anton Botas, who is more than just an outsider. Though Logan trusts him, the Phoenixes do not, opening yet another fault line in their plans.

Where there is one, there are many.

Determined to end this once and for all, Cara and the others must destroy the Phoenix daggers—the only weapons able to kill her kind. But in a raging battle, Cara learns the awful truth about the relics. Destroying them may destroy the Phoenixes in the process.

Can Cara and her friends end this war, or is their future destined to go Up In Flames?

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It’s not easy to stay in the kitchen and wash dishes when I know Jeremy is on the brink of exposing himself by pummeling Anton with giant fireballs. I admit, it’s not easy listening to Anton talk and not hurling a few flames his way myself, but he’s Logan’s best friend so what can I do about it? Anton’s the only family Logan has left, besides his father. It’s obvious he’d do anything for Logan, including coming to a town where he knows absolutely no one.

“You okay?” Logan asks, wiping some soapsuds from my cheek with his thumb.

“Yeah, just worried about Anton.”

“I don’t think he’ll get in the way. He’s used to living on his own.”

“What do you mean?” How could he live by himself when he’s still in high school?

“His dad…likes to entertain a lot of women. He didn’t want Anton to be exposed to that kind of life, so Anton lives in one apartment and his dad lives in another. It’s been that way since freshman year.”

“So his dad has no clue Anton is growing up to be just like him?”

“If he does, he doesn’t let on.”

“Parents are so clueless sometimes.” I finish the last dish and wipe my brow with my yellow latex glove.

“Do you know you’re even sexy in those bright yellow monstrosities?” He reaches for my torso and turns me, his fingertips under my boobs.

“Points for knowing the word ‘monstrosity’ but don’t think I don’t know you’re copping a feel right now, Logan Schmidt.”

“Guilty as charged.” He leans forward, kissing me hard. He’s not even attempting to mask his desire, not that I mind. I kiss him back, draping my arms over his shoulders and yanking the yellow gloves off so I can bury my fingers in his hair. He lifts me up and places me on the counter next to the sink. Water seeps through my shorts, but I don’t care. I can dry them in seconds after I’ve had my fill of Logan.

He presses against me, reaching up the back of my shirt and his fingers digging into my flesh. I let out a moan and his lips leave mine, trailing across my jaw to my earlobe and down my neck.

“Boy, you had better calm yourself down.” Monique’s hushed but stern voice shocks us both. Logan jumps back and I hop down from the counter.

“Did you see that asshole?” Jeremy motions toward the dining area. “He’s lucky I didn’t—” He jerks his head to the side, noticing Logan and me.

“Hey, Jer,” I say, hoping he doesn’t figure out what he walked in on.

Jeremy ignores me and lashes out at Logan. “You know your friend is a dick, right? He’s been hitting on Rachel nonstop even though I told him she was off- limits.”

“That’s the way he is. He’s not going to go after her. I’ll make sure of it.”

“No need. He won’t be able to go after anyone once I burn him to nothing but ashes.” Jeremy starts toward the door.

I run after him. “Rachel’s a smart girl, Jer. She’ll figure out that Anton is all talk. And anyway, she’s into you, so stop acting like a caveman, get over your obsession with burning things, and show Rachel why you’re the better guy for her.”

Jeremy looks over my head at Logan. “You might have her brainwashed, but I know your friend is a piece of shit. Keep him away from Rachel, or I will.”

He pushes through the kitchen door, leaving me to stare after him and wonder what happened to my baby brother.



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