Jenn’s Review: Remembering Everly by J.L. Berg

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Jenn’s Review: Remembering Everly by J.L. BergRemembering Everly by J.L. Berg
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Published by Forever on July 5th 2016
Genres: Romance
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After two years in a coma, August Kinkaid has forgotten the darkness in his past. But his past hasn't forgotten him. His beautiful former fiancée, Everly, remembers every tumultuous moment of their stormy relationship. The sizzling passion. The web of lies. And the terrible secret Everly's been hiding since her last fateful night with August.

Now the truth is out and August remembers everything. As his long-buried memories come flooding back, he begins to understand why Everly would want to move on with her life. Why she would give her heart to another man. And why August should try to forget her once and for all.

But he can't give up on the only woman he's ever loved. Even if he has to reopen old wounds--and face the darkest demons of his past--August will do whatever it takes for a second chance with Everly. He let her slip away once. He's not about to spend the rest of his life remembering Everly when he could be holding her in his arms forever . . .

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4 stars

August made this book for me.
He is definitely one for the counts!

This is book 2 in the Lost & Found Duet and the story picked up right where we were left with cliffhanger from book 1 (Forgetting August).

August lied to Everly that he had remembered everything and is now trying to move on with his life and picking up the pieces of his former self and hoping for more and more memories to come back. He has started to have these blackouts that were giving him back one memory at the time. Some were sweet and remembered him of the good times full with love and affection for Everly, while others scared him to the bones and he wasn’t really sure who he was then and how that would change his new self.

Everly is also moving on with Ryan again, planning for their big day like nothing ever happened. Like August never woke up from his coma and came back into her life. But trying is one thing and succeeding something else.

Both of them are playing a game….A game that someone will lose. Question is who will fail and who will conquer?

Let me start with saying this very important thing…

I LOVE AUGUST KINCAID!!!!! One of my favorite characters for sure. Such a lovely book boyfriend to hold on to. He was perfectly made and that is how he has shown his true colors in this book. I wanted to badly to jump into the book and take care of his bleeding heart and make his suffering go all away.

This installment was also written from August’s/ Everly’s point of view and that was very satisfying. The story moves forward and gives us some new inputs in how things are developing and gets you fired up and turning the pages like a maniac. But at the same time it felt like going in circles in some moments, it was sort of like Oh God I read that line 5 times already. Too much going back and forth for my taste.

I wished for more actual happening, more drama if you’ll like to call it, more heartbreak, more making up instead of many pages that were lost to going over the same thing over and over again.
This pace and the way the plot was taking was a bit too slow for my liking.

You guys can give it a try and see for yourself if it is something for you. The one thing that held me to the very end was August and how compassionate and amazing he was. I really wanted to know more about him and what happened to him in the past that made him act like he did, made the choices he did.

And I would rate the book itself as 3 stars but giving that 4th star because of how August and his story made me feel and mesmerized.




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