Sasha’s Review: Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters

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Sasha’s Review: Unseen Messages by Pepper WintersUnseen Messages by Pepper Winters
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing on March 30, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
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"Instincts are what keep us safe from fate. Ignoring them can change your life forever."

Fame and fortune arrived overnight and after months on the road with her singing tour, all Estelle craves is peace. Tired and ready for paradise, she travels to Fiji to recuperate.

Stubborn and surly, Galloway is avoided by most--which is exactly the way he likes it. However, he's done spending his life in regret and hopes to find redemption in the tropical wilderness.

Together, they board the flight that changes their fate forever. Crash landing on a deserted island, they not only have to figure out how to survive with no skills and daily dangers--learning how to fish, find water, and build shelter--but also inherit two children who look to them to keep them alive.

However, staying alive might be the least of Galloway and Estelle's problems. As days creep to months and rescue doesn't find them, their desire for each other ignites.

They started as strangers.
They grew to be friends.
They fought the desire to be lovers.

Lust can be the most beautiful thing. Love the most rewarding. But not on an island where life hangs by a thread and giving into temptation can kill you.

Can they survive being forgotten or will love be their ultimate undoing?

From New York Times Bestseller Pepper Winters comes a timeless love story answering the question of what happens when everything is stripped away.




”If rescue never comes, know i didn’t need it. If help never arrives, know i didn’t want it. If we die here together, be happy knowing this was our destiny.”

I’ve been destroyed. I want to marry this book and have lots and lost of babies. I don’t even know what i feel right now writing this review, CAUSE I FEEL SO MANY FREAKING THINGS I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. First of, GO BUY THIS BOOK. Is one of the best books of 2016, i’m telling you, it would only be remembered as EPIC!

Unseen Messages was shocking. Heartbreaking, frustrating, beautiful, unique and unforgettable! I made it mine. The experience was like anything i haven’t read before. AND I DO MEAN NOTHING, i haven’t read anything like this before, it was everything, i couldn’t have asked for a better read. Well, I LOVED IT, this is the reason why i am a bookworm. Unseen Messages made me feel like loving reading was a blessing.

When i started reading, i automatically started like predicting things that were going to happened. WRONG THING TO DO. Nothing is like it seems, nothing will happen like you think will happen. When some things started to go on a different direction is like if the book was screaming at me to shut my brain off and just read and feel. That’s what i did and that’s when my emotions took a like of its own. This is my FIRST book by Pepper Winters and she just blew me away.

Survival Romance. Honestly it was also my first, and i’m sure after reading this that this is what a survival romance should be. 83 chapters that cover all the bases of this kind of romance. I’ve read some reviews describing Unseen Messages as long. *ROLLS EYES* First a true bookworm never complains about how long a book is (we love to read right?) and second IT NEEDED TO BE THIS LONG. It needed to go a little beyond the survival. We needed to read about the fears, depression, happiness and love of this characters. I’m just pointing this out because really is a book that everyone should read even tho i don’t want anybody else to read it cause i want it to be only mine…. BUT in all honesty is book that will captivate you, mind and soul.

Estelle and Galloway stole my life. Yeah not only my heart, they took my life with them, with their love. By the end of the book i felt like i was reborn. This two characters were a little broken and lost when they met, they had a demons to overcome and it was as if destiny wanted them to face them together. I don’t want to give too much of them away because they are a precious treasure to discover. They are ROMANCE they are LOVE.

”I crash landed to find him. I fell from the sky to know him. I died a mortal death to be worthy of him. I am reborn because of him.”

It all comes down to BEST BOOK EVER. This the kind of book captivates your heart, makes you weep, destroy you but you don’t ever want let go. Unseen Messages will stay in my heart forever. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!! [THIS BOOK NEEDS TO BE MADE INTO A MOVIE]

”Once within a song, a music lover and a broken man fell from the sky. It changed their lives forever.”


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