Book & Audiobook Review: Remember to Forget by Ashley Royer

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Book & Audiobook Review: Remember to Forget by Ashley RoyerRemember to Forget by Ashley Royer
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Published by Blink on April 5th 2016
Genres: Romance, Young Adult
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In Remember to Forget from Watty Award-winning author Ashley Royer, Levi has refused to speak since the tragic death of his girlfriend, Delia, and can't seem to come out of his depression and hindering self-doubt. Desperate to make some positive change in Levi’s life, his mother sends him to live with his father in Maine. Though the idea of moving from Australia to America seems completely daunting, Levi passively accepts his fate, but once he lands faces personal struggles and self-doubt at the same time he and his dad battle through resentment and misunderstanding. And then, while at therapy, Levi meets Delilah, a girl who eerily reminds him of someone he lost.

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Angy’s Audiobook Review: 5+++ Stars

I really don’t know what got into me the moment I decided to read this book—I always run away from angsty books—but I’m grateful I did. First of all, I have to say this book—and audiobook—is beyond perfect. Levi’s story is heartbroken, but it is also full of hope. This book is about forgiveness, family, friendship, love and above all, hope. I’m in awe with the author’s writing style, it’s fluent and flawless, but most of all, her ability to create such believable characters. She was able to put into words the mind of a person who suffers of depression and anxiety, and she did it in the most perfect way.

Levi is a seventeen year old boy who’s been suffering of depression and anxiety for the past six months. As a last attempt to help him get better, his parents decided to send him to America where his dad lives. When he arrived to Maine, his first attitude was “I hate everything and everyone”, but slowly he got the know some great people, Delilah, Aiden, Mitchel and little Lucy, who showed him they all cared for him and wanted to be friends with him. Along with his family and best friend who is back in Australia, Levi started getting better, by forgiving himself and wanting to move on.

I love, love, love Levi with all my heart. At first I wanted to slap him for being so rude, but at the same time I kinda understood him. I wanted to know so badly what had happened that caused him the depression and anxiety and when I finally read it, I was as heartbroken as he was. It was so beautiful to know he met great new friends who helped him so much, especially Delilah. She was the key to Levi. In fact, it was Delilah and her little sister Lucy. They both brought so much happiness to Levi.

Seriously, this story is worth reading. All the angst, sadness, so as the happy and cute moments with Levi and his friends made this book as perfect as it is. The audiobook was so good too. The narrator Will Lasley had the perfect voice and inflexions for Levi, Delilah and all the characters. Will doesn’t have an Australian accent, but to be honest, I didn’t mind that at all. His performance made this book more awesome than it was when I first started reading it, because yes, I got the audiobook when I was like 40% and then I started it all again, and I’m 100% sure I’ll listen to it a couple of more times, I’m obsessed with Levi. #BookHangoverAlert

Note: As you might know this book was firstly posted in Wattpad. The published version is greatly edited and has extended content. So, I suggest you purchase the published version.

Note 2: The sequel of Remember to Forget is now available in Wattpad. Despite this book doesn’t end in an awful cliffhanger, there is more to Levi and Delilah’s story. You can read Taking Chances in wattpad now, the latest update is chapter 28 and there will be more soon, hopefully. Warning, the wattpad version has different names for the characters, except Delilah and Lucy, but you’ll get used to them fast enough. I started it this morning and I AM LOVING IT. I cried already.

Note 3: The dream cast for the characters of this book are the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer. I have to say that Luke Hemmings, the dream cast for Levi is so perfect for him! *sigh* My poor heart is in trouble *chuckles*



Caro’s Book Review: 5 stars

Okay, so this was a total experiment for me, seen as I normally don’t read Young Adult. But when my book-bestie Angy suggested buddy-reading it with our triplet Jenn, I was too curious not to do it. And oh boy, I was so smitten for Levi after only a few chapters! The male MC was such a complex and complicated character. He evoked all kinds of emotions from me, sympathy being the most prominent one.

“Remember to forget” wasn’t an easy read for me and I cried more than once. The fact that Levi had suffered from depression and anxiety after having lived through a big trauma made for a hard pill to swallow. There were parts of the book when I just had to stop and take a breather, it was so intense. Maybe the fact that I suffer from depression and anxiety for a very long time myself was one reason. But even if I wouldn’t, the author did a perfect job writing authentic and realistic characters and emotions. Everything was so realistic, that I wondered, if maybe the author herself went through a struggle like this or maybe a person very close to her.

As for the rest, I can’t really judge how well the Young Adult theme was done, since this isn’t my genre. But for me, it was paced really well, the secondary characters were adorable, the angst was balanced perfectly and it was not reduced to the physical part, but focused on the love and friendship.

All in all, I rate “Remember to forget” with 5 stars and can recommend it to everyone, seen as I normally don’t read Young Adult and even I loved it 🙂


Jenn’s Book Review: 5+ stars

Such a beautifully painful story that will capture your heart from page one! Definitely a must read for everyone who has heart and soul in them!

Levi is a teenage boy who has suffered a great loss and blames himself for the outcome. In order to cope with his pain he closed himself down and refuses to speak ever again. He is punishing himself but he doesn’t see how much he is punishing his family and friends at the same time. His behavior, the way he breaks himself down is creating so much more suffering and sorrow for the ones around him.

His mother is taking the last chance to save his soul and heal his broken heart by sending him to USA from Australia to live with his father and hopefully distance him from the ghosts of his past that are hunting his present and preventing his future. Levi gets his hopes up too but what happens when you try so hard to run from the past that it catches up with you no matter where you go…


It has been a long time since a book took over my heart in this way and crushed it over and over again and eventually picked up those pieces and started to heal it again. This author is new to me but boy did she wrote a great book or what?!? I am so mesmerized by this work of art, and admire the author immensely for her way of writing this emotional and painful story of discovering happiness and light from the beginning and allow yourself to go for it and be that happy person you are meant to be. The writing was so real that you could almost feel it through the pages. I definitely loved every single part of this beautiful story and it will stay with me for a long time. I always try to buy my favorites as paperbacks as well and I can’t wait for my copy to arrive so that I can keep on cherishing it further.

I recommend this book to EVERYONE. It covers such an important subject that is not to be taken lightly. We need to open our eyes to it and learn as much as possible from it in case we need that knowledge ourselves one day.

Thank you Ashley Royer for writing this. It has changed the way I look on life and I will try to be a better person from it.



remember to forget


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