Caro’s Review: Coast by Jay McLean

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Caro’s Review: Coast by Jay McLeanCoast by Jay McLean
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Published by Self Published on June 7th 2016
Genres: Romance
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One life-changing summer.
One boy.
The boy.
The boy who offered me safe touches and heart-stopping smiles - smiles he shared with his son.
We filled our days with porch-step kisses,
filled our ears with laughter,
filled our hearts with love.
Deep, soul-aching, desperate love.
But love is misleading.
It's an invisible, fleeting moment.
Somewhere between false adoration and pure hatred comes an emotion, a vulnerable need, a single desire.
It lives within the ones who miss it, who crave it,
who know better than to expect it.
Love is relentless.
Even when that love turns to hate, turns to loathing,
turns to pain.
Love should heal you.
But it can also break you.
Believe me, I know...
Because I'm Becca Owens - a broken girl...
...And he's Josh Warden - the boy who broke me.

We received this book/audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.

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Book Review: 5 stars


This review is for a sequel, you have to read “Kick Push” first, to understand everything that happens in “Coast”. Maybe this review contains spoilers for book one.

Book one in Jay McLean’s duet, “Kick Push” ended in a huge cliffhanger. Honestly, it was one of my favorite books in 2015 and I fell in love so madly with Josh and his son Tommy, but it broke my heart. Maybe I loved it so much, because it made me FEEL everything, who knows. But to say I was anxious for the author to release the sequel, would have put it mildly.

After I’ve now read “Coast”, I have to say that it is – in fact – a big chunk calmer and a lot less angsty than “Kick Push”. Whereas in book one the focus was on the growing feelings of Josh and Becca, the main focus in “Coast” was the character growth all of them have been through and how to build a secure base for your life. Even if everything falls apart around you. Most of all Josh was like a skating guardian angel in this book. He was my definition of a “hero”!!! However McLean was able to create a character as adorable and as real as Josh, I will probably never really understand – but I will congratulate her for it, seen as she really did create unforgettable characters in this duet. Josh and his Mini-Me Tommy will stay with me forever, I just know it.

Whereas I can say, that I found the steam-factor relatively high in “Kick Push”, I’d say that “Coast” was more of a YA-book, only a bit of steam strewn into it, but nothing really explicit. In fact, I’d even say I was a bit taken aback by her fade-to-black sex-scenes, but after finishing the book, I understand now, that the focus was preliminary on the character-growth of both Josh and Becca and on the fusion they then could create together. And I mean that literally. The ending made my heart soar, and though I’m normally not one to like flowers and butterflies happy ending, I was so happy with how well everything has been taken care of and wrapped up in the end! Bravo, Jay McLean – this was a genius literal masterpiece.

All in all, I rate “Coast” with 5 stars, despite the few minor things I have to criticize about it. Reading-order is “Kick Push” first, then “Coast”. There is adult content, though I’d say it wasn’t explicit and I’d advise readers 16+. I can recommend this duet to EVERYONE!!! Simply beautiful.


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