Ralou’s Review: Saving a Legend by Sarah Robinson

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Ralou’s Review: Saving a Legend by Sarah RobinsonSaving a Legend by Sarah Robinson
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Published by Loveswept on June 14th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance, Sports
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Praised by Penelope Ward as “a unique story line with multiple layers to it,” Sarah Robinson’s Saving a Legend goes another round with the brooding Kavanagh brothers: MMA fighters who won’t call it quits in the ring, or in romance.

His family’s gym has produced a roster of mixed martial arts legends, but so far Kieran Kavanagh hasn’t followed in their footsteps. After a brawl lands him in jail, Kieran is assigned to work at a center for at-risk youth. Though given a second chance, Kieran’s simply going through the motions—until he meets one very special kid, Shea Doherty, and falls hard for her very beautiful, very grown-up big sister, Fiona. The trouble is, Kieran’s best opening moves are getting him nowhere fast.

Fiona Doherty has too many responsibilities to fool around, especially now that she has custody of Shea. Sure, she’d love to find a devoted partner. But she won’t jeopardize her sister’s happiness—or risk revealing her tortured past—on a love-’em-and-leave-’em type of guy like Kieran . . . so it’s up to him to prove her wrong. As Fiona spends more time with Kieran, she starts to see a softer side of the reckless warrior. Now she must admit that when it comes to the possibility of real love, well . . . there’s a fighting chance.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

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book review: 4 flower girl & Shea stars!!


The most perfect and accurate description I could give this book. Everything about it is so damn precious. From the amazing, worth-swooning guy and an immensely courageous and strong woman to a family beyond amazing and the creation of a great love.

From the first time I got close and personal with the Kavanagh Brothers through Rory & Clare’s story – Breaking a Legend – I got spellbound. In Saving a Legend, we get to learn Kieran’s story, who, for whoever has read the first book, knows that he is the brother who is in jail for the last 2 years. Now, Kieran is out of prison and is determined to change pavement every time his old life’s mistakes come back. He wants to make a difference and be different; a better man. And then, he meets Fiona; the owner of a flower shop and the sister-guardian of a very special creature who is about to steal his heart forever.

And THAT creature made the book an absolute MUST and me to fall even more in love with it and everything and everyone that includes. And the name of that treasure turned into a little girl? SHEA. Shea is a 8-year-old girl who Kieran meets while he does the community service part of his parole helping at-risk kids at his town’s youth center. And now you would probably wonder what makes her special. Well, Shea is a special-needs kid who, also, has gone through some very traumatic situations that have left a scar in her. Although, Kieran, being the sweet and loving person he is, used his Kavanagh superpowers on her and he got to help her more then he could ever imagine. But Shea didn’t stole only his heart but mine too. Completely! She was such a sweetheart and a precious little thing that if I could reach into the book, I would hug her to death.

As for what was happening between Fiona and Kieran can only be described as wonderful. They were more similar than they had cared to admit and their chemistry was constantly off-the charts; either they were in the same room or not. These two had literally found their soulmate in each other. But, also, through each other, they had found the strength they needed to deal with the ghosts they haunted them. Once and for all. And their love showed its true power especially through these fights.

“You love me?”

“I’m so head-over-damn-heels in love with you that it’s not even cute. It’s reaching creepy levels, like crazy-person territory.”

Sarah Robinson once again wrote an incredible story with even more incredible characters. And the addition of Shea in it was simply the best of all. She added such levels of sensitivity, care, sweetness etc to the story that I would be crazy if I didn’t love it instantly. Shea is really all what it takes to surrender your heart into this book. And combined with everything else……. 😉 Also, Rory and Clare’s continue of the story was simply magnificent! I couldn’t ask for a better one!! <3 I think now, I’m even more eager to read the next book than I was after Breaking a Legend. Because two doses of Kavanagh Brothers equals only in double excitement for what comes next! :p



Saving a Legend


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