Review: Last Kiss by Laurelin Paige

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Review: Last Kiss by Laurelin PaigeLast Kiss by Laurelin Paige
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Published by St. Martin's Griffin on June 14th 2016
Genres: Erotica, Romance
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"Visceral, enticing, shining with white lies and dark truths, seductive twists and turns, and a love that takes your breath away." – Katy Evans, New York Times bestselling author


Emily Wayborn has made a decision.

She might not fully trust handsome and deadly Reeve Sallis, but he is the one person that gives her what she needs. With Reeve she can finally be herself. Submitting to him is the only thing keeping her grounded as the rest of her life falls apart. But the hotelier is a master at keeping secrets and as she continues her quest for answers someone is making sure she doesn’t find them.

Time is running out and she is questioning everything she thought she knew about friendship and love. She must now make an impossible choice that will determine if she will survive with her heart…or at all.

We received this book/audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.

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Jenn’s Review: 4  stars

My emotions were everywhere while reading this book.
I was heartbroken more times than I can count!

Emily Wayborn’s worst nightmare and biggest wish just happend. Her beloved friend Amber is alive and back in her life. But she is also back in Reeve Sallis life, a man that Emily loved and who loved her back. Now the real struggle begins, Reeve loved Amber too once and when she is back in the game will he stay true to Emily or will he fall for Amber’s seduction and old ways and go back to her?

This book continues right where book 1 First Touch ended….and what an ending that was. One of the THOUGHEST cliffhangers I have ever experienced that left me completely breathless and in biggest chock ever.

I was so eager to read this book ever since I read First Touch and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. And once I started reading I sensed it would be a hard read and though on the heart. I will admit it had me in tears after only page 3!!! 🙁 It was breaking my heart and my soul was bleeding for the pain Emily felt, all the insecurities that were coming to surface and jealousy over Reeve’s attention and affection.

Don’t get me wrong, I was happy Amber was alive and that Reeve didn’t had anything to do with her disappearance. But I was also pretty angry that she had to come back and mess with their lives and newfound relationship. On the other hand it was really important to the story and brought several crucial elements to life that only made the book even better.

This was not a typical romance tale, it was so much more with hidden secrets, powerful and dangerous family ties and a desire for dominance and submission between main characters. I loved the intense relationship Reeve and Emily shared. The hot love making with twists of unimaginable roughness was right on cue. I could never see myself in Emily’s shoes but God was it hot to read about it or what?! 🙂 Reeve is one sexy alpha who knows what he wants and he is not backing down by any means.

This was so different from previous work I have had the pleasure to read from Laurelin Paige and it was pretty surprising and at times I had to think twice about the author behind the story. I love to see that Laurelin is spreading her wings and trying new territories and see her succeed.

There were two things that bothered me: Emily felt annoying at times and I wanted to slap her to her senses and stop fighting Reeve and their feelings for each other in order to please someone else, someone who didn’t deserve all the scarifies and heartache they went through all for nothing.

And the lack of epilogue was shocking. It felt like the story just ended abruptly and there was nothing more to it. Last chapter was a bit rushed and at some 95% I was so confused and started to think

“This can’t be right. Will there be a book 3 to this series?”  So for those reasons alone my rating is 4 stars because those are important parts for me personally. I would have LOVED to see where the life took Reeve and Emily later on. The icing on the very delicious cake 🙂

You should definitely read these great books who were so beautifully written with edge and danger keeping you on toes through the whole ride. Enjoy 🙂


Ralou’s Review: 5++ Emive stars!!

This love couldn’t have a more perfect conclusion! Reeve and Emily deserved it like no other. They have gone through so much, both together and individually, that any less from what they got in the end would be a betrayal to them. So thank you Laurelin for giving these amazing people you created the peace and excellence they deserved.

From the first time I indulged myself into Reeve and Em’s love story when I read First Touch, I knew that this would stay with me for a long long long time. It had this amazing spark and depth that affected me deeply and connected me with every character and twist of the plot. And let’s not forget the almost 5 months that I had to endure to finally read the sequel. First Touch undoubtedly had one of the most cruelly beautiful cliffs that I had ever had the chance to read. It left me hanging by a so tiny thin thread which would shatter the moment I read the last words of the Last Kiss.

“She wasn’t you.”


“Amber wasn’t you. I could kill someone if they took my whole life away. But he didn’t. Because he didn’t take away you.”

I simply love how everything was twisting up together. Every secret, every trick, every action was designed specifically to fit the hard journey Em and Reeve were supposed to go through so they could reach the finish line as winners. Together. As a whole. No one can deny the beauty that these obstacles added to their deep love and how much stronger, determined, in love they were coming out of them. They helped each other so much and their love made their fears, hesitations etc to take the first plane to Never-Coming-Back land. It was something that is worth witnessing!

… no matter what I said from here on out, it was too late to save myself from being loved by Reeve Sallis. Really loved.

The intensity and depth of feelings that Reeve and Emily were sharing was incredible. Everywhere I looked was something that took my breath away. Plus, the transformation that started happening in Reeve towards the end of the first book, now it got bigger and bigger, leaving no choice and no space of not loving him even more than before. He shows, not only Emily but us too, how much he has changed and how great of a heart he has whose beats are starting beating again; stronger than ever. He is a completely changed man and proves it to his Em every chance he got. His thoughts, his actions, his everything is not concerning only himself but they circle around this axis; doing the best of his abilities and of himself to ensure the happiness of the ones he loves the most. How can anyone not grow to love this guy? He is not only having his way with Em but also with every reader who gets to meet him! 😉 :p

Before he’d been dark and powerful. The extent of his mastery had been unknown. Now, the curtain had been pulled back and behind it I’d found a man.

And let’s not start with me about Amber! Damn! I rarely despise – close to Hate – the “bad” character of the story. Usually, I sympathize with them in a sane level and trying to understand them. But, no no no. Amber literally took my clothes off with her awful behavior. And when I finally read what was all that started the whole thing, I was close to seething. I just can’t take this kind of manipulation which is based in veeeeeery wrong foundations. She was really a piece of work! I tried to put myself for a minute in everyone who had to deal with her and just couldn’t. It was impossible to imagine! And just because of that, my respect for the courage and patience each of the characters showed, rose even higher. But enough with Amber. Although Laurelin created her as a major b*tch, it can’t be denied that her role in all this was more than necessary and crucial for the continuing of the story.

Although, the First & Last series got even deeper in my heart for another reason except from providing me a beautiful, full of emotions, intense love story that I won’t be able to forget. And this may be sound a bit strange and odd to the most of you out there who have read or about to read the books, what attached me more with them was simply because the greek element in it was pouring over every sentence and page. And I know that it was talking about the Greek Mafia, but just reading names such as Oinopa, Anatolios, the last names with the Cretan ending etc and reading the myths which I learned back in elementary & high school, was something that I didn’t let pass me by without touching me. It really struck a string in me; pretty loudly I may add. 😉

Laurelin Paige was became one of my really favorites of mine since that moment that I got my hands on her Fixed series. Since then she never came out of my list. And now, after having finished and this series, she moved even higher. Her writing and the crazy way she knows how to unfold a story is pretty captivating. I was hanging from the tip of her pen waiting to see where she was gonna lead Reeve and Em and through what she would put them so she can create a book atmosphere that lulls you in and with enough mystery and danger that you can’t resist. I more than thoroughly enjoyed this series and I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleep next which will blow every book mind 😉


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