Sasha’s Review: Mr Romantic by J.A. Huss

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Sasha’s Review: Mr Romantic by J.A. HussMr Romantic by JA Huss
Published by Science Future Press on June 22, 2016
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
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Charm is the key to the world.
Charisma, magnetism, sex appeal—that ‘it’ factor that can’t be described.
Nolan Delaney has it is spades.
The infamous Mr. Romantic.
And maybe he is out of my league… But I’m going to give it the old college try anyway. Because I didn’t travel two thousand miles for a job interview at his request just to be put out like trash.
Don’t underestimate me, Mr. Delaney.
I’m really not as innocent as I look.







Okay *breathes* let me start by getting this out of the way, I don’t care if J.A. Huss says this books are standalone but to truly enjoy this series you have to read it from the beginning. There is a story behind the romance that is unfolding with all the Misters so if u were thinking of reading Mr Romantic without reading Mr Perfect my friend, nah! You’re not reading this series well.

OMFG. THIS BOOK WAS SHOCKING, HOT AND FULL OF SURPRISES. I couldn’t stop reading for the life of me. I was glued to my kindle by a force. I’m still shocked. I’m amazed and I’m truly captivated by the Misters. Mr. Romantic was gloriously epic. I couldn’t love this book enough. Okay so I couldn’t love Mr Perfect enough but Mr Romantic, SHIT!
This book is not for everyone i guess, there’s a topic here that not everyone is comfortable with (fantasy rape) so I’m giving a heads up, J.A. Huss mentions this early on the book, I’m sure to give you a chance to stop reading if u don’t wish to continue after that. But there is nothing to be afraid of to be honest, J.A. Huss delivers a taboo topic so flawlessly written, it doesn’t feel taboo at all.

Even tho this heroines kicks ass, so far the main focus are this heroes. Nolan was not your typical dark hero, well if I’m honest all of this Misters are dark-ish , they are all dealing with demons of a past that brought them together at the same time somehow keep them apart. 10 years later after the event, Nolan was still angry and sad and confused. He’s still don’t know why it happened, and this book it about his journey to find some answers for those whys?!
This book won’t give u too much swooning, yes, he’s called Mr Romantic for a reason but you’ll be so invested in the story that your only focus will be this boys, what happened to them and how they still dealing with it 10 years later. That’s when love comes in and AAAAAH! I NEED MR CORPORATE NOW!

One of my favorite things of this series is how deep it actually is and yet J.A. Huss give us a mix of laughter in the middle of all. She makes it so easy for us to devour this books completely. I had so much fun at the same my heart broke and i couldn’t stop reading for a second. This two were HOT! like seriously i blushed, and I needed to close my eyes to get my breathing under control. I mean WOW!

Funny thing is I can’t call dibs on any Mister yet, i love Mr Perfect and Mr Romantic already that’s for sure but I also the love the rest of Misters already, this heroes and i… we made a connection and I just WANT MORE!

Ivy was, we can say shy, and a lot inexperienced sometimes, so meeting Nolan was like scandalous for her life but at the same time she had her inner sassy woman hidden and Nolan simply made it bloom. (I don’t want to give much of the characters away, so i won’t say why she was the way she was.) I love her too, she was strong i mean she could handle Nolan so well, i mean there were moments i was like nope. NOLAN PLEASE I CAN’T. But she couldn’t stay away and she knew how to listen, how to be what he needed. SHE WAS BRAVE.

The Mister series is absolutely unforgettable, this Misters will amaze you, enamour you and corrupt you. The misters are the best thing that happened to my reading world this year so give them a chance. If you love dark twists, hotness, laughter and romance then this books are for you. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE REST OF THE MISTERS! Up next is Mr Corporate and so i’m so ready him!


whats next


Weston Conrad is the best headhunter in the business. That handsome smile goes a long way towards convincing most people to trust him with their future.
I’m not most people. I’m his direct competition. And it doesn’t hurt to be just the kind of woman he’s been looking for.
I’m gonna flash you these legs, Weston Conrad.
I’m gonna wear low-cut shirts and micro-mini skirts.
I’m gonna dazzle you with wit and conversation and kiss those lips like they’re exactly what I’ve been waiting for.
So don’t hate me when you figure out my secret.
You understand, right? You’re Mr. Corporate and this is just business.

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Mr. Romantic (Releases 6-22-16)
Mr. Corporate (Releases 8-17-16)
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Mr. Match (Releases 12-7-16)



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