Caro’s Review: White Lilies by Samantha Christy

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Caro’s Review: White Lilies by Samantha ChristyWhite Lilies by Samantha Christy
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Published by Athena Books Publishing Group on August 25th 2015
Genres: Romance
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Fate . . . Faith . . . Family

Skylar Mitchell didn’t believe in any of them.
She never wanted a real boyfriend. She never wanted her own kid.
When she watched her sister get destroyed by the man she loved, she vowed it wouldn’t happen to her.
Don’t fall in love.
Don’t become attached.
Don’t let yourself feel.
Easy, right?

Griffin and Erin Pearce had the perfect life. With the perfect house. And the perfect jobs.
What they didn’t have was the perfect baby.
Skylar never counted on meeting Erin.
She never imagined finding this wonderful best friend who would change the way she looked at the world.
And she certainly never dreamed of falling in love with her best friend’s husband.
Especially while being their surrogate.
She also never counted on fate ripping everything away from her.

A story about unconditional love, heartbreaking loss, and undying friendship.

This is a standalone novel that is the second in a series following three sisters.


Book Review: 4,5 Stars

On my current hunt for books that are extraordinary and/or forbidden, I stumbled across this story on Goodreads. Though in hindsight, it might have been the first case but not so much the latter. But ok. The book was refreshing, because this was the first book with this plot I’ve read so far. The writing was good, the characters really adorable, and the angst-level relatively high. And though this was a bit of a tear-jerker, the ending was believable for me and I was very satisfied with how everything played out in the end. You could call it a bittersweet ending, kissed by fate. And though I can’t really pinpoint something out, that was wrong with this read, I can’t rate it with the full five stars, because this isn’t a ‘wow-life-changing-unforgettable-blew-my-mind’-kind of story.

All in all, I rate “White Lilies” with 4,5 stars and can recommend it to everyone, who likes highly emotional books with a lot happening and a refreshing plotline.




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