Vivian’s Review: Sugar Rush by Sawyer Bennett

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Vivian’s Review: Sugar Rush by Sawyer BennettSugar Rush by Sawyer Bennett
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Published by Loveswept on August 16th 2016
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In the steamy and suspenseful sequel to Sugar Daddy (“A totally gripping take on romance and revenge!”—Lauren Blakely), a heartbreaking rift threatens to unravel a dangerous alliance . . . and a fragile new love.

After posing as an escort for the Sugar Bowl online dating service, Sela Halstead is looking for one thing: payback. She's closing in on the site's heartless founder, Jonathon Townsend, and she needs Beckett North, Townsend's business partner and her lover, by her side. She'd thought that their intimate nights together had forged an unbreakable bond, but after a shocking betrayal, Sela begins to doubt the brilliant bad boy. When push comes to shove, can she trust Beck to do the right thing?

Now that he understands the truth, Beck will stop at nothing to secure the reckoning Sela deserves. But between his desire for her and his disgust for JT, Beck doesn't exactly have a lot of control over his emotional state. Left with no other choice, he must summon all his discipline to maintain JT's trust and pretend that they're still friends. But how far will Beck go to prove his loyalty to Sela? He nearly lost her once. To keep her, Beck might have to kill for her.

Note: Sugar Rush ends on a cliffhanger. Sela and Beck's story concludes in Sugar Free!

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SUGAR RUSH starts out right where SUGAR DADDY (Sugar Bowl #1) left us…on that major cliffy, when Beck slammed the door in Sela’s face because he found out the motivations behind their first encounter, which left us readers gasping for answers! Will he let her explain? Will he forgive her? Will she get her revenge? WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?

This book was about putting secrets out in the open and healing from past experiences…cleanse and purge of one’s soul. And as a result, find true love and hopefully happiness. But in order to find peace and happiness, first Beck and Sela must get retribution.

Let the scheming begin…

Sela’s original plans of revenge against JT (and the others involved) has changed (slightly). She still wants revenge, but there’s another obstacle at play now. She’s involved with Beckett North (JT’s business partner) and now she has to figure out a way to take JT down without Beck (and his company, the Sugar Bowl) feeling the ramifications of that fallout. “One thing I’ve managed to understand with great clarity is that Beck has now become the most important thing to me. While I still need to seek justice for myself, I need it with keeping myself safe and ensuring that Beck comes out with no damage. Ideally, that means having the Sugar Bowl intact and untainted before JT is made to pay for what he did to me. In this respect, Beck and I have formed a partnership, so to speak, whereby we both can achieve out goals.” –Sela.  After finding out Sela’s true motivations behind her hate for JT, Beck is determined to avenge Sela in any means possible, no matter the costs. She and Beck begin strategizing a plan together. But right when their plans start to fall in to place and it seems they have JT right where they want him, new revelations come to the surface and the fall out could be detrimental.  Will they get theirs or will JT walk free, again?

Debts to be paid.
UFC fighting.
Revenge and Retribution.

SUGAR RUSH had all that and then some! I felt like this installment was the “cruise control” to Beck and Sela’s story. (This is a good thing!) The pace was slow and steady and kept the reader intrigued until the very end. The unfolding of the storyline and the character development in this book just added another layer of awesomeness to this series. I’m anxious to see where Sawyer Bennett takes us in the final installment because once again, that cliffy, KILLER!

“Two souls who have preferred to be alone for holidays past, now bonded through circumstance, passion, and a focused need for revenge.” –Beck.

SUGAR RUSH was the set up for the grand finale, which is SUGAR FREE (Sugar Bowl #3) coming out October 11, 2016.

5 stars!


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