Audiobook Review: Well Hung by Lauren Blakely

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Audiobook Review: Well Hung by Lauren BlakelyWell Hung by Lauren Blakely
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Published by Self Published on September 12th 2016
Narrator: Sebastian York
Genres: Rom-Com, Romance
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Here’s what you need to know about me — I’m well-off, well-hung and quick with a joke. Women like a guy who makes them laugh—and I don’t mean at the size of his d*ck. No, they want their funny with a side of huge… not to mention loyal. I’ve got all that plus a big bank account, thanks to my booming construction business. Yup. I know how to use all my tools.

Enter Natalie. Hot, sexy, smart, and my new assistant. Which makes her totally off limits... 

Hey, I’m a good guy. Really. I do my best to stay far away from the kind of temptation she brings to work.

Until one night in Vegas… 

Yeah, you’ve heard this one before. Bad news on the business front, drowning our sorrows in a few too many Harvey Wallbangers, and then I’m banging her. In my hotel room. In her hotel room. Behind the Titanic slot machine at the Flamingo (don’t ask). And before I can make her say “Oh God right there YES!” one more time, we’re both saying yes—the big yes—at a roadside chapel in front of a guy in press-on sideburns and a shiny gold leisure suit. 

But it turns out what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas. And now, my dick doesn’t stay in my pants when she’s around. I try to resist. Honest. But the more we try to keep our hands to ourselves, the more we end up naked again, and the more time I want to spend with her fully clothed, too.

The question now is…do I take this woman to be my ex-wife?

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Jenn’s Audiobook Review: 5 Stars


“Lauren Blakely at her BEST!”

What made the experience of listening to Well Hung the most enjoyable?

I already read the book and I could barely hold on to listen to audio version of it because while reading I was hearing the narrator guide me through the story and to actually have another go for it was like the most delicious cherry on the cake.

What did you like best about this story?

I can’t point out one moment or one chapter when I honestly fell in love with this whole story and each and every piece of is important and makes it to be great read.

Have you listened to any of Sebastian York’s other performances before? How does this one compare?

Sebastian York is like a royalty in the world of audiobooks. He is the King and he keeps his place at the throne so strongly I can’t see anyone else taking his place any time soon.

His voice is like a match made in heaven for steamy romance and he always brings out the best of the story in his performances.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

Without a doubt.
This was such a joyful and delightful listen I can have it on repeat all day long.

Any additional comments?

Hilariously funny, hot as hell itself, Perfection right here!

They writing is magnificent and with such a real and authentic male POV that is sometimes incredible that this comes from a woman. The pace was perfect and stabile and I was unable to stop reading. Even if it was a single POV she still managed to sneak in Nathalie’s thoughts too and in a great and unique way that I enjoyed tremendously.

Now it’s official that Lauren has a thing for Vegas and getting her characters on a rollercoaster rides *literally* and some of the hottest and sexiest scenes and acts that will forever be on my mind!

Another thing that I love is how Lauren writes and takes care of her characters and keep them making these cameo appearances in future books and giving us small updates about where they are now and what is going on with them as well as with the main characters. They are one big happy family that lives happily ever after!

I can always relay on Lauren’s books to make me feel good! She is not a heartbreaker that leaves you crying your eyes out and with a wounded soul. The woman knows what works for her and she is the best in this field and never lets her readers down.


Angy’s Audiobook Review: 4,5 stars

Story: 5 Stars Performance: 4 Stars


“What happens in Vegas…”

If you could sum up Well Hung in three words, what would they be?

Sexy, funny, well-hung!

What other book might you compare Well Hung to and why?

Vegas… Vegas… Vegas… I think the books from The Wild Seasons Series by Christina Lauren, because the Vegas wedding and the trying to solve the marriage when the reality happens. But that’s just about what makes them similar. The plots are very different, so as the characters, the circumstances and of course, and the ending.

Which scene was your favorite?

I have so many favorite scenes in this book, but the first one that comes to my mind is the rollercoaster sex!! Oh. My. God. That was hot and sexy and perfect. But I also loved everytime they couldn’t get their hands off each other, those were even hotter!!

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?

The support and understanding Wyatt had with Natalie’s career. He’s such amazing book boyfriend.

Any additional comments?

I loved the book when I first read it and I loved the audiobook so much as well. Sebastian’s narration was good but his voice wasn’t Wyatt’s voice in my head. It was like the story was told by another person and not Wyatt himself. Maybe it was because Sebastian was Nick, Wyatt’s brother and his voice is planted in my head as Nick’s voice, I don’t know, but that’s what I felt. It’s weird, but that’s my feeling. Aside from that, the narration was great, Sebastian reads Rom-Com so good, the sex scenes are hotter and the funny moments are funnier.


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