Caro’s Review: Craving Constellations by Nicole Jacquelyn

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Caro’s Review: Craving Constellations by Nicole JacquelynCraving Constellations by Nicole Jacquelyn
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Published by Self Published on August 27th 2013
Genres: Romance
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"How is it, that someone can make decision after decision attempting to get away from their past and somehow end up right back where they started?"

When Brenna decided to leave the only life she'd ever known, she never thought she'd ever be back. Now, five years later she's running from her clean cut husband straight back to the motorcycle club that raised her... and the man she left behind. She left with a secret, and as soon as she returns the truth will break her carefully constructed life wide open.


Book Review: 3 Stars


After “Unbreak my heart” by Nicole Jacquelyn being one of my favorite books this year, I was curious about her earlier work. So I ended up buying her first book in this MC-series. Admittedly, MC-books aren’t my MO, seen as this whole club-bitch and old lady-thing with gruff bearded bikers is not the people I’m interested in reading about. But I wanted to give this amazing author a fair chance.

Honestly, I’m still not sure if it really was a good idea for me to go out of my comfort zone. This book was a walking contradiction. In order to understand my rating, I have to give a bit information about the plot, so beware that this review may entail spoilers. So, the book starts with the h leaving her husband because of domestic violence and ends back up at her father’s club for shelter for her and her small daughter. She’s left there years ago after she did something forbidden, that could have gotten another MC in this story in huge trouble. But now that she’s back, the trouble is still there, only that it’s become even worse. The forbidden thing she did had consequences she now has to face. That’s where the controversial behavior starts – she fled her husband because of the beatings and other physical abuse but excuses the same behavior when the H does it to her??? Excuse me, but am I wrong to call bullshit here? She did things that can upset even the calmest of persons. But no one has earned to be slapped, being thrown around like a doll and treated like shit. From no one. No one!!! Why should I be upset about one guy doing it and excuse a similar behavior from another guy? Right, I couldn’t.

So, even though the writing was good, the emotions pretty balanced and the plot ok, I can’t rate this book higher than3 stars, because its controversy at its finest and I don’t like this one bit.

All in all, I rate “Craving Constellations” with 3 stars and don’t really know if I could recommend it. Probably not. Trigger warning: Everyone that has a problem with domestic violence (described quite explicitly) should avoid this read.


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