Jenn’s Review: Author Anonymous by E.K. Blair

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Jenn’s Review: Author Anonymous by E.K. BlairAuthor Anonymous by EK Blair
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Published by Self Published on August 29th 2016
Genres: Romance
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*An intoxicatingly risqué stand-alone book.

She’s an author.
She’s a mother.
She’s a wife.
She’s a fraud, a woman marked and bound by her own deceit.

Experience the astounding tale of how Anonymous battled through a year of scandals and betrayals, how her world fell from its axis with a single choice, and how she lost herself between reality and fantasy.

This is a stand-alone tangled in lust, heartbreak, and contrition.

*Based on a true story.


Book Review: No idea how to rate it – stars

E.K. Blair wrote this masterfully.

Everything was written in such a delicate way and still so truthful and believable it would have made a great romance novel if the words she wrote weren’t a true story. I really liked how the writing was laid out and I applaud E.K. Blair for being brave enough to take on this contriver’s story and for having the guts to put her name and reputation on the line for.  I will definitely read more of this author and looking forward to more quality work as I see she is able to deliver and captive her readers with.

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I have read some pretty heavy and emotional books in my life and they have affected me all but this one takes the ultimate prize. It is one of the hardest reads in my life so far and this review will be as honest and brutal as it gets.

I started this story with a little knowledge about its contents but had the big picture about it but never in a million years could I have seen this coming. It was pure agony to read about this extremely sad and painful story.

This is a story about love, about betrayal of that love, about forgetting what’s at stake and only going for how one person feels, that person’s desires and needs and not caring a damn thing about the people around her who love her unconditionally. A woman who has it all, a fairytale life we all yearn for. One day that woman discovers her life is too regular, too comfort and safe, too boring. She seeks excitement and finds it by accident and everything from that moment on, is on her. Every action is so devastating and pure poison for everyone around her. And the worst part of it all is she is hiding behind another authors words and is being a coward in my eyes and casting a dark shadow over every female author out there.

I have so many emotions in me while writing this review I might just explode and send it all to hell! Already a few chapters in the book I could sense the train wreck that this story would turn out to be. I was feeling real pain in my chest and was crying too many times that I could count. At first I blamed the female character for it all, I hated her actions and her childish behavior. What she did is SO wrong on SO many levels! But I don’t blame her for that….what happened to her can happen to anyone of us. And who am I to be the judge when I don’t know her but she decided that this story will be put on print and that entitles me of this opinion of mine.

She says herself that she is a “fraud” and I couldn’t agree more. I have no problems with reading about cheating as long as it’s fiction but this hurt so much more by being true. I don’t even blame the “other man” at first, because she deceived him as much as her own husband. Both of them were in the dark in the beginning, and later when it all came out she is playing house and “trying to fix” her marriage and leading the poor blind man on while sneaking out and going back to the man she says she fell for and  sparks up her deepest desires and who stole her heart. At the end of the story her husband made a mistake of his own and my heart broke completely. But not for her, but for him and how her actions drove him to sink to her level and do what he did.

Everyone can make a mistake or two (and hopefully learn from those mistakes) but what really bothered me here is the lack of regret! She says over and over again how sorry she is for what she has done, and yet she keeps making the mistakes again and AGAIN and each time it’s worse than the last one! At times I even felt sorry for her, pitied her and tried my best to understand her and justify her actions and had high hopes that she would come to her senses and try to make it up to her loved ones. All that changed with the very last few lines of this story. That just killed every ounce of understanding for her and positive feelings.

She doesn’t deserves forgiveness.
She doesn’t deserves penance.
Her husband is either solid gold of the man kind or a complete idiot, I have hard time deciding. He gave her chance after chance and she still betrayed every last one of them. Her family deserves better and she needs help. And I truly hope she gets the help she needs for her own good.

I was drawn to read this out of the curiosity and now with facts in my hands I actually wish I never laid my eyes on this story. I hope I never find out her identity and hate how this story will have me wondering if the woman behind these words could be one of those I praise and admire.


I must admit that my struggle was real with both reading and rating this book. 90 % of the time I’ve dealt with anger, frustration and agony and the desire to shake Tori up and make her wake up from her fantasy and return to her reality. And now after so many hours of being angry I had to re-think my emotions and now I just feel pity for her and wish she wasn’t that weak to fall into the darkest of the temptations.

The writing gets 5 amazing stars for its brilliant approach and easiness. The story also gets 5 stars because it’s a truly entertaining and captivating plot. The truthfulness and actions of the main character Tori gets – 0 stars because I just can’t stand by her choices and disrespectfulness.


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