Ralou’s Review: Market Street Cinema by Michele Machado

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Ralou’s Review: Market Street Cinema by Michele MachadoMarket Street Cinema by Michele Machado
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Published by Mint Minx Press on August 7, 2016
Genres: Suspense
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Straight A’s and skilled test taking in high school did little to prepare Lita for the rigors and reality of college life. Six weeks in, and she knew she was out. Unfortunately, her parents had other ideas and offered her an ultimatum…go back to college or move out.

Forced onto a fast-track to adulthood and independence, Lita has no choice but to accept and adapt to her circumstances. Taking a minimum wage job at the local mall barely covers the bills, but a chance encounter soon changes her life.

Liberty is a sweet talking beauty, with a stage name and a presence that charms as much as it comforts. Taking Lita under her wing, Liberty invites her to visit the club – which soon leads to Lita accepting a job as an exotic dancer at San Francisco’s Market Street Cinema.

Will her time in the dark and gritty underworld of adult entertainment put her on a path that secures her future…or will it swallow her whole, destroying everything she never knew she wanted?

We received this book/audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.


Book Review: 4 stars


Definitely a book like nothing I have ever read before. And thank god I didn’t pass it up when I saw it on NetGalley because then I would have made one very big mistake.

Market Street Cinema is a standalone book with a very special and “unusual” story to tell. Its hero is a nineteen-year-old girl named Lita, who decides to drop out of college and try to find her way elsewhere. Which leads her to catch a job in a lingerie shop and working as a dancer in the strip club, Market Street Cinema.

To say that I was intrigued by it when I first read the blurb, it would be without doubt an understatement. I couldn’t get it out of my head so as soon as I got it, I dived almost immediately. The world it offers to the lucky people who give it a chance, is beyond amazing and so damn addicting. Each situation after the other that Lita had to go through, sucked me deeper and deeper into it. But what pulled me more than anything to read it, it was that it had nothing to do with the dozens of romances I come across or read. Market Street Cinema is the story of how a young girl, takes her life in her hands, and through her experience as a strip dancer, finally finds herself and what she wants to become. The journey she has to take, the difficulties she has to face and how fast she must grow up are just too inspiring and real for me to resist or turn down.

Michelle Machado really did a loud and powerful debut in the contemporary literature world. She chose an incredibly interesting subject and she developed it pretty pretty good just in the few – for my taste – pages. She succeeded to pass Lita’s feelings to me and make me wonder while I was reading what I would do if I was in her shoes. And that’s something rarely happens; but when it does, I freaking savor it!! And after this book, Machado showed that she’s going to be a “keep in mind” author for me. I really can’t wait to see what her next project would be.


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