Angy’s Review: Use Somebody by Beck Anderson

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Angy’s Review: Use Somebody by Beck AndersonUse Somebody by Beck Anderson
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Published by Omnific Publishing on October 8, 2016
Genres: Romance
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Jeremy King, Hollywood über-agent to the stars, knows that sharks gotta swim. He’s one of them, after all. He’s never met a deal he couldn’t strike or an argument he couldn’t win. LA is his kind of town—they both never stop moving.

So when his friend and client, movie star Andrew Pettigrew, invites him on a “man-cation” to the wilds of Idaho for a little fly-fishing, Jeremy’s not so sure. He might not have cell service. There’s no way there’ll be any supermodels to woo. And his idea of the great outdoors is a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in his Tesla Model S—moose definitely do not factor into the picture.

Fitting then that because of a moose, he meets Macy Shea Summerlin, the best fly-fishing guide on the South Fork. Jeremy’s surprised and tantalized, but Macy isn’t having any of his alpha male posturing. She gives as good as she gets, and she knows how to throw a mean right hook.

As the two of them get tangled up in each other’s lives, both Jeremy and Macy must come to terms with winning and losing and letting love in. And Jeremy has to find the answer to his own question: Is he simply “using” Macy or could he really “use” someone like her? Find out in Use Somebody, book 3 of the Fix You series.

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Book Review: 4,5 Stars

One new awesome book from the lovely Beck Anderson

Use Somebody is the third book and spin off of the Fix You Series. The moment I knew there would be a new installment for this series, I was jumping up and down, at first I thought it would be a new book about Andrew and Kelly, but noooooooo, it was about Andrew’s agent, Jeremy King, and I was more eager about it because there’s nothing more exciting than to read how a not-so-beloved character—I will be honest here, I almost hated Jeremy King in the first book, Fix You—redeems him/herself and get his/her HEA! And this is what Use Somebody is about: Redemption.

Jeremy King is one of the most successful and powerful Hollywood agent. He’s focused, ruthless and perfectionist. He doesn’t do friends, he doesn’t do romance. He only cares for signing multimillionaire contracts for his clients, that will not only make them wealthier and more famous, that will also means his bank account will get bigger and bigger.

During one week away with his most successful client, Andy Pettegrew, Jeremy meets the lovely Macy, fisherwoman, guide and the only person who is immune to their Hollywood charms. Her total rejection toward him makes her the object of Jeremy’s obsession and he’s on a mission to make a better impression—sadly he started with the wrong foot with her—and woo her. After understanding she wouldn’t fall for the I’m the richer guy around, he approaches her in a different way, showing her how much he cares for her, that he is willing to help her even though she has let him very clear that she is very capable herself.

Use Somebody isn’t the usual kind of romance novel I am used to read, with super hot sex scenes and sex gods and perfect people. Jeremy has his flaws as well as Macy has hers. Reading about their lives, their rights and especially their wrongs was heartbreaking for me and that made me love them both so much, especially Jeremy. I don’t think of a better HEA for him than the one he found with Macy, and my heart is crying of happiness for Macy because she finally could open herself for someone worth of her love.

There are a lot of more reasons for me to love this book: The bromance between Jeremy, Andrew and Tucker. The cameos of Andrew, Kelly and the little baby Q. The canadian celebrity impersonators Justin  and Pierre Trudeau, Macy’s dogs. The non-explicit sexy romance of Jeremy and Macy—this book is a perfect example of how to make a romance book sexy without explicit sex scenes, well done Beck!.

Overall, Use Somebody was greatly well written, with a beautiful story, lovable characters and two funny little dogs. Can’t wait for more books from Beck.  


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