Ralou’s Early Review: Sweetly, Deeply, Absolutely by Kira Archer

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Ralou’s Early Review: Sweetly, Deeply, Absolutely by Kira ArcherSweetly, Deeply, Absolutely by Kira Archer
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on October 17th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
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Hello, Mr. Right...for Now.

With a month off from culinary school, Jenny Boyd has some serious party plans. Especially when the hottest guy in the club literally lands in her lap. He’s 6’2” of cocky, sexy, man-candy, and just as commitment-phobic as she is.

She’s definitely off limits…

Graphic designer Jared Crew is shocked when his best friend's sister-in-law doesn’t remember him right away. Luckily, she is more than willing to let him jog her memory, no complications required.

It’s all fun and games...until the condom breaks

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book review: 4 stars

It definitely justifies the name of the series it belongs since this has SWEETNESS written all over it. And then some more. Add some swooning too and you got the perfect treat.

Sweetly, Deeply, Absolutely is the third installment in the Sweet Love series and it can be read as a standalone, though there are some teasers/spoilers about the couples in the previous books. And since I’m a weird human being as it is, I decided by mistake to start the series backwards. It’s actual fun! :p So, for those who don’t know what this book is about, here it go the basics: Jenny, Rick’s sister from the second book, comes back home for a short vacation after studying two years abroad. She’s a real party animal and her first night out, she meets her other-half party animal; Jared Crew. They end up hooking up at some point but a condom “bang” puts them in a unexpected whirlwind. So, now, they have to figure out how they will deal with whatever shows the pregnancy test. 

“If the crazy wants to come out and play, I’m going to let it.”

Both Jenny and Jared, as I mentioned above, are complete party animals and have a bit of an allergy on commitments and responsibilities. And they couldn’t be more perfect for each other. They are free spirits, love to live in the now and are the masters of their own universes. Their attraction is instant and undeniable. But, they aren’t complete strangers in the night. Jenny’s first night out ends “badly” but not without leaving some red-hot kisses and an breathing craving behind. And that’s what starts their race. Moment after moment that Life gets them together overflows with sizzling passion and a powerful love that grows even stronger as they go on.

Making her smile had become one of the highlights of his day, and there wasn’t much he wouldn’t do to keep it on her face.

I beyond loved every minute of reading it. The story and the characters had me from the first moment and the connection they all shared turned me into a muss inside. Even though the story didn’t unfold as I was expecting to after reading the blurb, what actually happened was more than amazing and gratifying. And that only made it more beautiful and precious.

I have come across Archer’s books before but I never had the time to get on with them. Each and every one has a hidden beauty that awaits to be discovered and I couldn’t be more happy that I got to unlock Sweetly, Deeply, Absolutely‘s. Thank you Kira for that! And I hope there is a next book where there would be parts of Jenny and Jared since the gorgeous last chapter had me craving more of them. Their 180 turn deserves more than one book! 😉 But as I’m waiting hoping for that, I’m gonna meet the other two major couples of the story.






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