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Review: Hot for Teacher AnthologyHot for Teacher Anthology Published by Self Published on October 18th 2016
Genres: Romance
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Nineteen of today’s bestselling authors…


Nineteen tales of tempting teachers and seductive students…


One HOT anthology for an epic cause.

Sexy, spicy, romantic, angsty, funny, or sweet - however you like your fantasies, these nineteen original novellas guarantee extra heat.

100% of digital sales profits will go to ProLiteracy, promoting and supporting literacy programs for all ages, genders, and cultures.

We received this book/audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.

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Caro’s Anthology Review: Overall 4 stars 


Learning his law by Celia Aaron – five-stars

This was a sexy, passionate novella about a professor in college and his student. There was definitely insta-love going on but it was really well done. Even a great plot twist was included, which added to the angst-factor and gave the story more depth. Very well done!

Lucky Chance by Carina Adams  – three-stars

This was an okay story for me. There was too much instigated drama, which was then tempered down, just to be pushed up again. The many hot sex-scenes definitely made up for this though. I can imagine (didn’t look it up to be honest), that his is a prequel to another book by this author, seen as the ending was left open.

In the moment by Alison G. Bailey – four-stars

This was a very tender younger man/older woman love-story. Yes, it was insta-love, but very well done. The only downside for me was, that there were quite too many heavy topics for such a short story and it smothered the whole forbidden-theme a bit. But overall, a good novella.

Break Point by Rachel Blaufeld – three-stars

The writing in this novella was strange for me personally. I don’t know the author’s other books. If I picture one scene in particular in my head, then the lovers would kiss while talking to each other and being cross-eyed cause they keep looking in their eyes… The convos were stilted in my opinion. That could be caused by the sometimes strange usage of words. But what really bothered me in this novella was the HUGE time-gap and the even bigger cliffhanger. Well, if you see it as such. For me, it’s the ending because I don’t see myself continuing with any sequels written by Rachel Blaufeld. Sorry, but not for me.

Firecracker by Roya Carmen – five-starsone-star

This was such a beautiful story!!! The writing was excellent, to the point and perfectly balanced. The whole artistry vibe has been delivered by Roya Carmen perfectly, she created vivid and detailed pictures of everything. There was a perfect blend of amazingness for me – romance, HOT sex, angst, a beautiful happy ending. Plus, the characters were adorable, which is a huge bonus for me. Amazing!

Spring Fling by Elle Christensen – five-starsone-star

I think I just found a new author I have to check out other books of. This novella was HOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!! This was really a forbidden and oh so delicious story. Yeah, it was probably the most intensive case of insta-everything ever. Over the top in every regard and totally cliché. But it really worked. There were a few tiny things that didn’t add up to me, like wardrobe-changes in the matter of the blink of an eye. BUT nevertheless, I really enjoyed this novella thoroughly and I felt totally and utterly corrupted by it – in a very good way.

Perfect Chemistry by Aria Cole – four-half-stars

Wow, such a tender and passionate forbidden story. Even though nothing happens as long as the heroine is still underage, there is definite attraction – enough to burn the pages. And despite it being insta-love, the build-up was slow. There were two aspects of the story I haven’t read about until then. So, despite this being new to me, I enjoyed it and it gave a little extra to an already great novella. Only downside was the almost mute seeming heroine, whereas the hero talked too much.

Illicit by Ava Harrison – three-stars

This story was like watching a Ping-Pong match. Back and forth, back and forth – until one side crashes. The novella per se was more realistic and actually didn’t include insta-love. But I was really annoyed by the hero’s behavior. He treated the heroine like shit and she was a real doormat. However, I like to mention here, that this story has a huge message behind it: Seek help where it’s offered before you start taking drugs or drink alcohol excessively. Young people are easy to shake and influence, so they need to be treated with just as much caution as small kids – even if they act like the biggest assholes. As for the ending, after all this back and forth, I would have needed more than a HFN-ending. Sorry, but I can’t believe, they would try for real this time.

Behind the wall by Jane Harvey-Berrick –  five-stars

Squeee – this was the perfect forbidden romance-novella. Although the plot reminded me very much of another book I read with the same storyline, I actually liked Jane Harvey-Berrick’s version better. The chemistry between the two MC’s was so delicious, forbidden and sexy! Garett was the perfect broody hero. And although there were no big speeches about love, there was definitely insta-crushing going on. I personally would have loved for the book to be longer and the ending felt a bit too rushed. BUT oh my goodness, Jane Harvey-Berrick can write hot and forbidden like no other. I loved it! Plus, there was a beautiful message here: Never judge a book by its cover. How very true.

Stealing Miss Brooks by Sloane Howell – two-stars

This story was not for me. What I liked: The angst. What I didn’t like: Almost everything else. There was too much going on. The novella was not really focused on the couple and that was the biggest deal-breaker for me. In such a short amount of time, the author couldn’t convince me to root for the pair. And the biggest issue for me is that the majority of the story has been told in hindsight, years after it happened in the epilogue. I could neither see how they fell for each other, nor how they became happy together. But I learned a whole lot of unnecessary baseball-knowledge… Sorry, but not my cuppa.

Star pupil by Rochelle Paige – three-half-stars

This was a cute novella with lots of instas, too. But the few obstacles that were thrown into the mix were solved too conveniently The plot was ok and the story was hot, the couple was cute together – but my overall-feeling was, that it was just a tad bit over the top.

Shut up and dance with me by Q. T. Ruby – one-half-stars

Well. There’s no other way here than to be honest: This story was boring. Sorry for being so blunt, but every other novella is forbidden in one way or another. In this short-story literally nothing happened. So many opportunities to make this a sizzling forbidden romance, what with the MC’s being dancing partners. I anticipated them to have off the charts chemistry because for me, dancing is something intimate and sexy. But not so much here. Almost no chemistry at all. Plus the writing wasn’t my cuppa. It reminded me of how I talk when I’m stressed out, kind of clipped and sometimes too blunt. So sorry to say this, but this story fell really short for me.

Defy by L. J. Shen – three-half-stars

What the heck? The author’s writing style was strange!!! Really strange. For example did she describe the hero’s body smell at one point as “sour”. He was a rich 18 year old high-school senior, not a homeless hooker. At another point, she described his sexiness as “female lubricant”. What??? There were quite a few of those almost confusingly strange phrasings, so that it took me almost half of the novella to get into it at all. But at the same time, I was strangely intrigued by the characters. You could say, that I was constantly battling – almost from sentence to sentence – between “I like” and “no, just no.”. For some reason, the last 8 chapters were better and I was totally hooked up in the story. But I just can’t simply forget my struggles for half the book, so despite it being the perfect forbidden read for me in the second half of the novella, I can’t rate “Defy” higher. There was a plus though. One of the side-characters will have his own full-length novel soon and I think I will give this a try – curiosity killed the cat and all…

Dirty lessons by C. M. Steele – two-half-stars

This was made up like the majority of these novellas. But the writing was too harsh for my taste. The hero was constantly – and I mean constantly – hard. And he saw the heroine and immediately wanted to, and I quote, “put his babies in her”. Plus, the author called the heroine’s legs “thick thighs” each and every time they were mentioned. That shows the harshness in my opinion. Mh, not for me, I think it’s kind of degrading to think this not once but over and over again. There were a few small things also, that didn’t add up to me.

Teach me, Sir by Julia Sykes –  two-stars

This novella was too much. First, there was the powerful message to not accept open drinks by strangers. Then there was the forbidden attraction between professor and student. And all of a sudden, there was also BDSM thrown into the mix. Huh? One chapter earlier, the heroine has had trust issues and in the span of only days, she wants to be her professor’s submissive. Without talking about it first to set some boundaries or such, just agreed to be his. Yes, I know this is fiction. But if you touch the subject of BDSM, at least do it right. Maybe it would have been better if the author would have concentrated on only one issue – would have been more than enough to fill such a short novella.

Schooled by a senior by K. Webster –  five-stars

This novella was amazing! I honestly have to mention here, that I’ve read two other books by K. Webster previous to this novella already and whereas one was a decent read, the second book was almost a DNF for me. She was obviously so hell bend on shocking her readers that she created a scene that grossed me out completely and therewith, I swore off her books. That’s why I was hesitant to read this short-story. But I noticed almost instantly, that my worries weren’t justified – this novella was seriously amazing!!! She created an original, sexy and beautiful story with a great plot-twist. Plus, it was forbidden in more ways than one. Perfect novella for this anthology and I may give this author another chance in the future after all.

Playing with fire by Mara White –  three-half-stars

This was a cute story about two women, which showed that love is not a question of gender, age, religion or any other social pattern we often have to follow. It was actually interesting to read about, but unfortunately F/F-stories are not my cuppa. I’ve read a few already and in almost all of them, one of the women was made out to be quite on the masculine side. Which is not a bad thing but oftentimes, they come across as almost a male character in books. Either I read about two women or it’s just another normal romance book. Sadly, this novella was no exception. I enjoyed it none the less.

Riding through by Dani Wyatt –  two-stars

This was an okay novella. Not really forbidden in my opinion. I personally also just don’t think that riding or horses in general are sexy. My sister has horses and they smell, attract flies and you are always dirty in one way or another around them. Just not my choice of scenery for a romance. Plus the writing was over the top. When he came inside her, he “not only released his semen inside her but his soul, too”. This could have been sweet, but paired with everything else I just found it too cheesy.

Salacious by A. Zavarelli – three-half-stars

In this last story of the anthology, there is a lot of artistic details. That was a tad bit too much for me, but ok. I liked the combination of painting and dancing. As for the forbidden aspect – I liked, that the pair actually got caught in this novella. Added a lot of angst to the plot and a good dose of realism also. The only issue I have is actually with the writing. It didn’t really flow for me.


So, seen as the writing is the vital part of the story, I can say that I liked the novella per se but am not interested in the author’s other books.


Overall, I rate this “Hot for Teacher” anthology with 4 stars. I can definitely recommend everyone to buy and read it. Not only is it a true steal in my opinion with 19 novellas for only 99c but also the benefits are for a good cause. The authors support with them and in my humble opinion, this is really an admirable thing to do. Please don’t let my partially low ratings of single novellas stop you from buying this amazing anthology. A review is the expression of one’s personal opinion on something and that doesn’t have to be the case for others. Plus, we can’t like them all. But maybe you will even like the ones I didn’t like so much, I can just encourage everyone to try for themselves. Personally, I’m glad I got to experience all these stories and have even found a few new authors to check out further. So, a definite win-win here. Please give this great mixture of novellas a chance and do something good together with the authors. A definite recommendation for everyone, who enjoys forbidden romance and romance itself.


Jenn’s  Review: Defy by L.J. Shen – 5+++ beautiful stars


Brilliant, Beautiful,Emotional,Sexy,Funny!

Hot forbidden story. A sassy, smart and sexy teacher with a hot and determined student who is not backing down until he gets her where he wants her. Bent over a desk and himself deep inside her.

Melody Green is a temporary lit teacher at a high school in Todos Santos, a small community with every student more privileged and richer than the other. She was supposed to be a dancer and has been preparing for that future her whole life until a stupid accident abruptly ended those dreams.

Jamie Followhill is one of the hottest, best looking guys 18 year olds in school and town and every girl is eager to be the next one in line for his attention, even if it was only for a second or two. But he has his sight on a very special woman, one that is different from all the others. One who talks back, one who is shining with confidence and sexiness that she isn’t even aware of.  She just happens to be his teacher.

This secret and forbidden affair is bound to happen and soon both of them will realize there is another 4 letter word involved besides lust. The only problem is that Jamie’s mother is the principal of the school and she already hates Melody without the knowledge of the affair with her son.

This is…This is….Just EVERYTHING!!! I can’t even explain how much I ADORED and DEVOVOURED this story. I was up until 4 am and reading and never wanting it to end, and once I hit the last page I just wanted to go back to beginning and read it once again.

The story is wonderful, full of hot hot and did I mentioned HOT scenes that make your panties to just soaked garments. The chemistry between the main characters Melody and Jamie is OFF THE HOOK!
But there is also something deeper here than just lust and sex. The way these two connect on many levels was so stunning and emotional. These two are one of my favorite couples!

If you love tension and danger this is the right way to go! There were some scenes that took my breath away and others that had me clenching my sheets like my life depended on it! *LOVED IT*

Chapter 9, 13 and epilogue were my absolute favorite ones ever! They almost sent me into cardiac arrest but thankfully I needed to stay alive for the next book VICIOUS so I survived….barely.

The pace was even and steady and the writing was just pure magic! Every time I pick up a book by this author it is very evident that it’s her work without even knowing it before hand. L.J. Shen has a very specific and unique way with her words and her storytelling is magnificent and captivating in more ways than one. I honestly don’t know how my reading world managed to go on without her. Each and every time this author leaves me craving for more of her master mind and I can’t wait what she will come up with next.

I love L.J. Shen!
I loved this story.
I loved every precious one.
I will love everything this woman writes!

I recommend this book, because it will be worth your time 100 times over. You will be thanking me 😉


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