Angy’s Review: Robbed by C.L. Sayers

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Angy’s Review: Robbed by C.L. SayersRobbed by C.L. Sayers
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Published by Self Published on November 1st 2016
Genres: Romance
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Can two wrongs make a Mr. Right?

Olivia Murphy thought she’d managed to get a handle on her life.

Robbed of her strength and confidence at school by a group of bullies, she fought back. She made a new life for herself. A new name. After losing her soon to be fiancé in a car accident she sought out the armour she developed in school and refused to have anything more in her stolen.

Until she comes face to face with one of her tormentors. The one she trusted most of all. Who not only broke her psyche, but her heart too. Fintan Kelly.

Olivia decides that for once she’s going to steal something back, revenge. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and his heart for her heart.

Will her quest to avenge the wrongs from her past give her the closure she hopes? Or will she find that no matter how much of yourself, or your past, you try to change some wounds are so deep you don’t even realise you’re keeping them open.

Lies and misunderstandings from a mutually troubled past will either bring this couple together or rob them both of everything important.

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Book Review: 5 Stars


Robbed is the debut novel of CL Sayers, one romantic story about second chances, true love, true friendship and becoming a better person. I loved CL’s writing, it’s well paced, fluent and very descriptive. Her development of the storyline and characters was awesome and she delivered a beautiful story with an even more beautiful ending.

Robbed is the story of Livvy, a young woman who rose above. She was reborn from the ashes like the Phoenix, and she did it flawlessly. After being bullied during high school for five long years, she moved away and started over. She reinvented herself, changed names, got the best friend a person could have and fell in love with a rugby player who loved her back, respected her and made her happy.

Sadly, just like she lost the first love of her life when she was sixteen, she lost it again at the age of twentysix after the death of her boyfriend in deadly car accident. She was heartbroken, devastated, and she close herself off. She protected her life, her heart and everything around her, but by living safely, she wasn’t enjoying her life, at all.

One night she was out with her friends and she found face to face with her lost love, Fintan Kelly, but he didn’t recognize her—after all, she has changed so much in twelve years. This surprise reunion was not taken very well by Livvy, she had a little breakdown because Fin represented all the good and the bad things from high school, he used to be her guardian angel until he wasn’t anymore and she was left all alone. So, one of her friends had the great idea of take advantage of Fin not recognizing Livvy to get back at him and do exactly what he did to her: Make him fall in love with her and then kick him in the balls!

And this is how this romantic, sexy and beautiful story started. But things didn’t happened as Livvy planned them, because she ended up falling in love with him, even harder than when she was a teenager, because Fin was the most perfect, caring and awesome guy in the world. But… There was that little thing about her that he doesn’t know… So she was screwed.

You’ll have to read this book to find out how their story ends. I assure you’ll love it as much as I did. There was a particular chapter I re-read about five times, because I was so devastated, I couldn’t understand what was happening, so I needed to understand, and also because I loved Livvy’s strength in that chapter. The moment she started spending time with Fin, she got a little back of Elizabeth, but she also understood the awesomeness in the new person she created when she became Livvy, and she showed it all to Fin in that chapter. I am sure if I was a character in the book, I would have applauded her for her words, make an ovation to her because that moment was decisive in her life, for her as a person, as a powerful woman and most of all, as the person who deserves to beloved and respected.

The last thing I have left to say is THANK YOU, CL SAYERS! For writing such amazing book, with not only a new book boyfriend for me, but also a book girlfriend. I can relate with her in so many levels, and I love her for the decisions she made, especially in the end.



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