Angy’s Audiobook Review: Nothing More by Anna Todd

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Angy’s Audiobook Review: Nothing More by Anna ToddNothing More by Anna Todd
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Published by Gallery Books on September 20th 2016
Narrator: Jason Carpenter
Genres: Romance
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Source: Simon & Schuster Audio

New York's skyscrapers and hectic pace are a far cry from where Landon Gibson grew up, and the transition to New York University has been jarring. But he's getting the hang of things, found a job that pays (some of) the bills, enjoys school, and only occasionally runs into his ex, Dakota. You know, the one he chose NYU for...before she dumped him.

Luckily, his best friend, Tessa, shares a (terribly small) Brooklyn apartment with him. And given the ups and downs she's had with her own ex, she's a good listener when he finds himself in something of a love triangle—a love knot? Whatever it is, it's a mess. An exciting mess. Maybe an addicting mess, because beautiful girls.

Being young and finding your way in the world is hard. Landon's always been a positive person. But such a loud, demanding city so far away from home means you only get by with a little help from your friends. And a good pair of headphones.

Landon's going to be okay...but the journey sure will be fun to watch.

We received this book/audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.


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Audioook Review: 5 Stars


Once upon a time, there was this sweet guy, with a calm life, a loving girlfriend and a caring mother. He was smart, responsible and so mature for his age. He was like an old soul inside the body of a 20 year old guy. And his life was good, he had plans for the future with his girlfriend and he thought he had his life figured out. But he didn’t. Not at all. The day he landed in NYC his girlfriend broke up with him with the excuse of “I need to experience my college years single so I don’t feel like I’m missing something” and he respected that, he was left heartbroken and sad but he respected her decision. Thankfully, he wasn’t all alone, not completely, his best friend moved to NYC with him and they were good company to each other, two heart broken souls alone in the big city. Despite he had his best friend with him, and classes and a part time job, there was missing something in his. It lacked of a spark to make him really happy, and that something was to have his girlfriend back, or that’s what he thought he needed. But he was all wrong again, he needed a real change, like a badass girl, one who would kiss him out of nowhere and help him make a birthday cake for the girl who worked in the corner store. He needed an old soul like himself, but one who wasn’t afraid to break rules and most of all, someone who took him out if his comfort zone.

This sweet guy was Landon Gibson, Tessa’s best friend and Hardin’s step brother. He was my third favorite character in the After Series, and it’s now his time to shine with his own series, actually it’s a duet, so expect a little cliffy at the end of Nothing More, one that will leave you wanting to read Nothing Less right away to find out how this mysterious girl and Landon will find their HEA.

Jason Carpenter was the perfect narrator for this book. His voice is calm and strong and sweet, just like Landon’s personality, and he has that way of talking that makes you imagine him smiling, the same way Landon would smile even if his life is a real mess. Jason’s performance was flawless, the pacing, the pronunciation and the inflexions for other characters were just perfect for the story. I read this book twice before I listened to the audiobook and I enjoyed it even more. Jason brought Landon to life and all his ordinary experiences in NYC, his memories when he was a teenager in love with Dakota, his love for his mother, Tessa and Hardin and most of all, his new interest in Nora.

All in all, great audiobook, an awesome companion for the book. I can’t wait to listen to the audiobook of Nothing Less, it’ll be narrated by Jason Carpenter and Elizabeth Louise, I already know Jason will do awesome and I always love Elizabeth’s performances, so I’m sure I’ll love it as much as I loved this audio. I. CAN’T. WAIT.




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