Ralou’s Review: Ties that Bind by Elizabeth Blair

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Ralou’s Review: Ties that Bind by Elizabeth BlairTies that Bind by Elizabeth Blair
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Published by VPK Publishing on August 15th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Dark, Erotica, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Thriller
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Decades of straddling the line between working undercover for the government and remaining loyal to the families of his birth have destroyed Mitch’s allegiance to either side. Adrift after the brutal assassination of his boss, Mitch retreats to his east coast heritage of la familia to devise an exit strategy from both organizations.

When Ashli, the dazzling and provocative sister of crime lord James Vinetti, invades his life Mitch becomes entrenched in their world of high stakes legal and illegal dealings. But what started as a temporary diversion quickly becomes a deadly game to out maneuver Ashli’s own hidden agenda.

Family. Friends. Passion. Love. Loyalty. Justice. Betrayal.
Of all the ties that bind you, which is worth dying for?

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Book Review: 3 stars

I consider Rate the hardest part of a review a reader has to go through. Most of the time, you can instantly know how much stars you gonna rate the book you just finished, but there are also some times that you just can’t put a number on it. And this is one of those times for me. Maybe at the end of the review, I will be able to decide on the number.

Ties that Bind is a dark book telling a very dark, confusing, intriguing, mind-fucking story including lots of mafia guys and feds with a touch of twisted romance. This books has so many layers that I don’t know where to begin with.

First of all, what had me by-the-hair the whole time I was reading it, it was the impressive labyrinth way Blair set up the story. It was going back and forth, up and down in a blink of an eye keeping me constantly on my toes and extracting me from the process of predicting what might happen next. Every new, unexpected thing that was happening felt like I was being hit by a tsunami wave. There were so many things that I never saw coming. The loads of information and the links connecting them were filling me up  nice and warm. And I can never dislike/hate a book when it does that to me.

By the time the story was getting closer and closer to its finale, I was being tied more and more in knots about what was happening and what the future beheld for Mitch and Ashli. I was close to damn tears by the moment it reached how her part in the story reached its end. I could easily describe myself being in denial of after that; but I reasoned with myself that everything happens for a reason and to service a higher purpose. The chemistry these two had and the cat-and-mouse game they were constantly playing had me totally engrossed in them and impatient to see how they would end up. And even though I didn’t get what I desperately hoped for them, in the end, the story got the finale that was most suitable and closer to the line of darkness it followed from the beginning.

They had been playing with fire for months, and now, he had been stupid enough to light the fuse.

What made me really like the book but not love it was, first, the confusing timeline and second, the messy sequence of the multiple POVs. The timeline was honestly one hell of a mind game since it took me quite some time to understand when each scene was happening. The one chapter could be unfolding during a whole month and the next would be a few months or even a year after the previous one. That surely gave my brain a painful work out and by the half mark, I was really exhausted trying to figure it out so I could place and understand the story better. Not that I don’t like a bit of a mental workout in my books, but this one went off undoubtedly off my limit point. As for the multiple POVs, I love reading thoughts of the other characters besides the lead ones. But, this time, I think the suspense and the magic the multiple POVs are intended to give to a story, got lost somewhere and doomed the book a bit. Although, it’s really interesting for a reader to see how with these two big disadvantages, the mystery and intensity of the story and the characters rose above them and kept having your attention.

Blair is a first time author for me so I can’t express a spherical opinion about her writing. Though, she has that something that makes her stories quite promising and even amazing, if she watched out for some small things.





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