Ralou’s Review: Shut Up and Kiss Me by Jessica Lemmon

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Ralou’s Review: Shut Up and Kiss Me by Jessica LemmonShut Up and KIss Me From the series: Lost Boys #2
by Jessica Lemmon
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Published by Loveswept on December 6th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
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Cade: I tried. I really tried. I should be out of this small town by now, finishing my law degree and partnering up with my buddies, but I couldn’t resist one last street race. Now I’m sidelined in the hospital, and while my injuries will heal, I’m not so sure my voice will return. What kind of attorney can’t talk? Yeah, exactly. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to come back from this... until Tasha Montgomery reawakens every competitive bone in my body.

Tasha: I nearly watched Cade Wilson die on that lonely stretch of road. He’s damn lucky just to be alive, even if he doesn’t realize it. I know he’s destined for bigger and better things, but I don’t mind helping him get there as he relearns everything he took for granted. Cade’s a good student, a real perfectionist; I can tell how much his stutter bothers him. But when he lets his kisses do the talking, everything else disappears. And one day, maybe he’ll be able to tell me that he wants me—as much as I want him.

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Book Review: 7 stars!!

To say that I was expecting something less than a masterpiece from Jessica it would be an understatement. It’s beyond impressive how her every book gets more awesome than the previous. I literally take off my hat on her skills.

Shut Up and Kiss Me is the second installment in her Lost Boys series which began over a year ago with Fighting for Devlin. Now, Jessica pushes us into the world of Caden Wilson, Devlin’s half-brother. And even though Devlin was amazing, Cade has broken every record of it. He immediately reached my deepest parts of me; simply barged in and took claim on me. His story’s starting point is a few months after the almost-fatal accident which almost robbed him off his voice that he tries to recover with the help of Tasha’s help; a PTA with who he has a past. Although, her task won’t be just a walk in the meadow. Cade refuses to cooperate with her tactics to repair his speech, but what he doesn’t know is that his stubbornness just found a strong competitor and she refuses to give up on him. And soon the situation takes a very interesting and lovey-eyes turn of events.

I blinked as if she was a mirage. 

Soon, their relationship will change foundationally and both will dive into each other and the intensity of their feelings. Neither will know what hit them. And the beauty of that journey that they hop in, left me speechless and with an overwhelming warmth all around and inside my heart. And let’s not get me started on how much I loved the disability Lemmon added to one of the characters, turning the love into something phenomenal and worth-cherishing since it’s not something that you come across often. The combination of that element along with the complex personalities of these two, rises their love into a higher level in the clouds. Caden is a guy who not only has done an 180 after his accident, but also he finally let his true self to make an appearance and give free reign on his emotional world. It’s beyond wonderful being a witness of how Tasha’s presence in his life changes him into the man he had forgotten he wanted to be and gives him the courage and the strength to keep getting better. But this goes both ways. Also Tasha starts reevaluating herself, her wants, her needs and in general her whole being. With Cade by her side, she gets to stand up on the people who did her wrong and lock her past tight in its heavy box up in her mind’s attic, making her ready to face and claim the future she wants.

I’d been drunk on her for months and knew I could look forward to the hangover of a lifetime. 

Jessica, from her very first book I touched, got me hooked beyond measure. Each time, I fall more in love with her writing and she has never made me regret reading one of her books. I can’s say which one is the best because each one has its own special, rightful place in the world and in me. She undoubtedly has become one of my TOP authors and one I always get giddy and too eager to read.





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