#ChristmasSpecial Book Boyfriends to Kiss Under The Mistletoe

Posted December 20, 2016 by collecto in Books / 5 Comments

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We want to wish a very happy holidays for you all.

This year we want to kiss our book boyfriends under the mistletoe! Fun, right? Let’s begin. 


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 photo Callan Carmichael_zpsa4wjpnri.jpg

Read now Claudia’s review here.


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 photo Hayes Whitley_zpsi85ziyne.jpg

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 photo Joshua Kane_zpswnqdi6si.jpg

Read now Angy’s review here.


We’d love to know who do you wanna kiss?

Comment with your top choice. We know it’s hard just to pick one, but here we leave a hint, the first BBF that comes to your mind is the one you want to kiss the most.

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5 responses to “#ChristmasSpecial Book Boyfriends to Kiss Under The Mistletoe

  1. Savannah

    Awesome post! I love the graphics and the idea.

    Pick an only one book boyfriend for a kiss? Really? You’re so mean! It’s really hard, but if I have to choose… Leo from Bindings by Kate Roth. I’m dying for second book of the series 😉

    • collecto

      Yeah, my blogger partners always tell me the choosing part is really sadistic of me LOL
      I gotta check Bindings, Leo gotta be pretty awesome if he is your one and only choice LOL

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