Angy’s Review: The Scent of Winter by Tiffany Reisz

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Angy’s Review: The Scent of Winter by Tiffany ReiszThe Scent of Winter by Tiffany Reisz
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Published by 8th Circle Press on Dec 20th, 2016
Genres: BDSM, Erotica, M/M, Romance
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Kingsley. Søren. A cabin in the woods...

Kingsley Edge thought he was being driven to the airport. He never expected he'd be kidnapped and relocated to a cabin in The Middle of Nowhere, Maine to help Søren celebrate his birthday. But it's not quite the sexy party Kingsley hoped for. Søren has been keeping a secret from Kingsley for several years and it's finally time to confess. But will Kingsley absolve his priestly lover of his sins or will this winter be the coldest one yet?

This free novella takes place the December before the events of The Virgin and The Queen (the third and fourth books in The Original Sinners: The White Years series from Harlequin’s Mira Books).

To avoid spoilers, the reader should complete the series through The Queen before starting The Scent of Winter.

Ebook Exclusive • Published by 8th Circle Press

Book Review: 5 Million Stars


It’s so hard for me to put words to the love I have for Kingsley, Søren, Nora, Griffin, Michael, Juliet, and all the sinners created by Tiffany Reisz. I’ve loved all the books of the series, the full length novels, the novellas and the free stories and I loved how the series found its peak in #TheQUEEN, but this novella is something else. It’s like the missing part of the series, it’s like the missing part in Søren and King’s story, it’s like what I needed to have my life complete. *SIGHHHHHH* Literally, The Scent of Winter was everything to me.

God, why couldn’t he live like this all the time? Naked, a slave to Søren, a toy, a whore to be used at Søren’s will as Kingsley served at Søren’s pleasure.

Despite the synopsis says it, it’s good to remind that you CAN NOT read this novella without reading the eight full length novels of the series, otherwise there will be so many SPOILERS!

So now, I can talk a little about this novella:

  1. There’s a memory of Søren and King’s time when they were in St. Ignatius. Hot and perfect torture of love.
  2. There’s a little cameo with Griffin and Michael. I loooooove those two. It’s like watching two puppies licking each other. Beautiful and you want to hold them forever because there’s nothing more precious in the world.
  3. King’s relationship with Juliet. I’ve always said Juliet is perfect for King. Their love completes King in so many ways and Juliet gave him what he wanted the most in his life: HIS CHILD. Reading King’s interaction with little Celeste was really like watching the meaning of life in front of my eyes.
  4. Knowing that King’s relationship with Nico has improved so much. Despite The Queen was perfect in every sense of the word, I thought there was something missing about Nico, but The Scent of Winter filled in the blanks about Nico. Well, at least the one concerning to Nico and King, because I still want more about Nora and Nico #LoveMisstressNora
  5. Kingsley as a father. Parenting always change perspective in people’s life, but seriously, Kingsley got more perfect than he already was.
  6. Søren’s vulnerability. He’s always been God of this Unholy Trinity and I always thought his son made him more human, even more than his love for Kingsley and Nora, and he talking about his son to Kingsley was so beautiful, so humanizing, so true.
  7. The hawk and everything it represented in this story.

I can go on, because this novella was really more than I expected. I cried with King and Søren , and their D/s encounters were erotic and sexy and everything. But what really made The Scent of Winter as perfect as it was was Søren’s confession. That made my day, my christmas and my entire life.

Thank you so much for this Christmas gift, Tiffany. You overpassed yourself. You overpassed the Original Sinners.


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