Claudia’s Review: Hooked on Trouble by Kelly Siskind

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Claudia’s Review: Hooked on Trouble by Kelly SiskindHooked on Trouble by Kelly Siskind
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Published by Forever Yours on January 10th, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
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Reality bites. Hard.

The last time Raven did “real” was sixteen months ago, when she spent one unforgettable night with the tattooed, impossibly sexy Nico, and then he disappeared the next day. Since then, she’s kept her guard up and her feelings to herself. She doesn’t have time for relationship drama when she’s busy searching for her long lost sister.

Nico hasn’t stopped thinking about Raven—her sultry curves, inked skin, and the fact that he ditched her after their night together. Now that they’re living in the same city, he knows this is his chance to make things right. What better way to prove to Raven he’s for real than helping her find her sister? But when the lines between right and wrong start to blur, putting his job on the line, Nico has to decide if the risk is worth the ultimate reward.

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Book Review: 5 Stars


Ever since I read CHASING THE SUN (Kelly Siskind’s debut novel), I wanted to “chase” all her books. *wink* I became an insta-fan of her writing style and hoped to read more of her work. She’s the kind of author that easily transports you to a different world and makes you feel ALL THE FEELS. She knows exactly how to combine romance, angst, and sexiness work just the right amount in order to get HOOKED on the story. And hooked is exactly what happened for me with her newest novel.

The OVER THE TOP series started when Shay, Lily and Raven took a girls’ trip to Aspen where they met up with Kolton, Sawyer and Nico. MY PERFECT MISTAKE was Shay and Kolton’s story. A FINE MESS was Lily and Sawyer’s story and now in HOOKED ON TROUBLE “HOT” is Raven and Nico’s story <3

HOT gives us the final story of this amazing series. Finally we get the chance to know what really happened between Nico and Raven in Aspen. Their story really began in OVER THE TOP (Over the Top #1), where they first hooked up. Raven found herself opening her heart to Nico, which is a huge step for her because she never allows any man to see her vulnerable side, but she felt this undeniable connection between them was impossible to resist, but in the end, Nico broke her by just leaving without a word. No text, no call…he just vanished.

Now with the girls all living in Vancouver, Shay, Lily and Raven can spend more time with each other and are planning to create a business together. As well as building a new business with her friends, Raven is also determined to find her missing sister Rose. But even with her mind so focused on her missing sister and new business, she’s still hurting. Nico’s disappearance in Aspen cut her deep and left internal scars that haven’t quite healed, but she’s decided to focus on the here and now and is more than ever determined to stay away from a certain big tattooed guy who left her heart in tatters.

Nico has lived his life trying to be someone good. He became a cop to do the right thing, but sadly his family got him in too much trouble and he has to carry this big burden. His family comes first, even if it costs him lose the only girl that left a mark in his life. But after seeing Raven again, he’s willing to conquer her, to let her know that he still has feelings for her. He wants a second chance, no matter if he has to beg or to crawl until he can earn her trust again.

As opposites attract, Nico and Raven can’t stay away from each other. She has a haunting past and Nico will be there for her, this big tattooed guy is so sweet and has my heart melting for him. I loved the way both characters grew together and how the author gave them the perfect ending for this REMARKABLE series. This series is a MUST read. You will love each story and you’ll love the author as well.





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