Lisa’s Review: Crown of Lies by Pepper Winters

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Lisa’s Review: Crown of Lies by Pepper WintersCrown of Lies From the series: Truth and Lies Duet #1
by Pepper Winters
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Published by Self Published on January 31st 2017
Genres: Adult, BDSM, Contemporary, Dark, Dark Romance, Erotica, New Adult, Romance, Suspense
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“I met the boy I wanted. But then he vanished and a new man claimed me instead. My father approved, my colleagues congratulated, and behind closed doors, I was bedded by a stranger.”

Noelle Charlston lived a fairy-tale life: a doting father, a powerful job, and a future blessed with financial security.

However, two meetings with two men changed her happy existence forever. First, she met the boy who made her heart sing. Second, she met the man who made her blood quiver.

Noelle’s freedom was no longer hers. It belonged to the man her father believed was the perfect match. The man who pulled his lies over everyone he touched.
Including her.

Seduced and manipulated, Noelle lives two lives. The one everyone sees on the outside and the one no one sees on the inside. The lies he spins, the truth he hides, the mystery he webs—it’s all enough to slowly erode the woman she’d been and turn her into something else.

Until her past collides with her present.
And it’s her turn to lie.
To everyone…including herself.

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Ok, Pepper. I see what you’re doing here and I like it. I like it a lot…

When I started Crown of Lies I honestly didn’t know what to think. After seeing all the adverts stating that the Truth and Lies Duet was very “different” from much of Pepper’s other stuff, naturally I was very curious to check it out. And different it is.

First we are introduced to an adolescent Noelle (Elle for short). Then we’re fast forwarded to to young adult Elle on the night of her 18th birthday. She’s a smart business-savvy woman who has been meticulously sheltered and groomed for, and ultimately in control of, a billion dollar empire—yet has little control over her own life. She is a slave to her position. A servant of title that has few choices in how she spends her days. Her life was mapped out before she even knew how to navigate. Because she know nothing of normal teenage behaviour, she’s curious about outside world of New York City and decides to throw propriety and caution to the wind and spend her night living.

After “borrowing” some age appropriate streetwear, from her own company, and $300 cash from a nearby register, Elle sets out on the adventure of her life. Except, as she’s soon to find out, living is not all it’s cracked up to be when you’ve left your ivory tower.  

That night, many things happened to Elle that would both change and mould her life forever. Especially when an unexpected hero saves her from the claws of danger and delivers her into the arms of wanton pleasure. But before she can keep Nameless (Yes, that’s his name) for her own, he is snatched away and never heard from again…or is he?

Cut to Elle three years later still fighting to take control of her life. She is now the CEO of the family empire and the men in her life are still trying to influence her. In fact, that’s how she meets the other MC in this novel Penn.

Penn is deliciously dark mystery from the first moment he graces the page and I honestly could not get enough of him. His numinousness and machismo kept me panting for snippets of him—just as I pant for all of Pepper’s men. I seriously can’t even with how awesome her male characters are. Penn first introduces himself to Elle’s father as a possible suitor (much to her dismay, because even her father tries to control her) …through Elle’s perception of him. Curious. And it only gets better from there.

As much as Elle tries to resist Penn, she’s drawn to him in ways so seemingly familiar finding herself gravitating to him like she did to Nameless. But try as she might, she can’t help but hold out hope that Nameless will come back into her life. That somehow, some way she will find him again…unless…  Ok. I can’t get any further into the plot and deets without spoiling a whole bunch of stuff and I REFUSE to do that because this story deserves reading.

Honestly, in my opinion, this is one of Pepper’s better storylines. The power struggle between Elle and Penn is so deliciously tense I honestly devoured every word of this book in exquisite agony. WARNING: This book is, of course, left in a cliffhanger. But that’s ok lovelies because we don’t have to wait very long for the sequel Throne of Truth—out Feb 28th. So, in the meantime I’ll wait…semi-patiently.





THRONE OF TRUTH (Truth and Lies Duet #2)



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