Sexy Chat with Callan and Olivia from Womanizer by Katy Evans

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We are very pleased to being able to talk with Callan and Olivia, main characters of Womanizer by Katy Evans

Hello Callan and Olivia! Welcome to Collector of Book Boyfriends. It’s an honor you agreed to talk to us and ask you a few questions. But before we start our interview, we want to tell you are a beautiful couple *triple sigh*.

Now, let’s begin.

Claudia: Calla, what was the first thing that crossed your mind when you realize that Olivia was Tahoe’s little sister?

Callan: Fuck me. Really? *smirk* It just had to be her, didn’t she. *glancing at his right, to Olivia*

Claudia: Olivia, how many of the plans you had for your life did you accomplished at age of 28?

Olivia: Oh my goodness, Claudia, all of them! Way before my deadline too. *smirking back at Callan* It just took a little bit of mental adjustments

Callan: and convincing *voice dire*

Olivia: *frowning* I didn’t need convincing, I was already sold on you.

Callan: *amused, chucking her chin* No, freckles, you needed nudging to make the actual purchase.

Olivia: Okay. *blushing*

Callan: *chuckles and takes her hand*

Angy: Callan, why did you start smoking? You told Olivia but she never shared that information with us.

Callan: Hell, Angy, in all honesty *raising eyebrow* cause I’m young and stupid.

Angy: Olivia, what was sexier? Work with Callan or sneak around with him? And why?

Olivia: Ohh. Everything about this man is a bit overly sexy, so I can’t say the combination wasn’t terribly exciting and scary for me too. *glancing at a smug looking Callan* I had no idea what I was getting into! But how to resist this man?

Callan *frowning*: you don’t.

Olivia: that’s right, I didn’t! *laugh*

Vivian: This questions is for both of you… have you given up smoking? *wink*

Callan: For the most part yes

Olivia: Except on our anniversary. We have one smoke, for old time’s sake.

Vivian: Callan, I’m not a dude (clearly), but isn’t there this unspoken rule about “not going after your best friends little sister”? (I’m not complaining because the chemistry between you two is electric *fans self*) But with that being said, did you ever worry that it would ruin you and Tahoe’s friendship or was it basically a moot point the minute you met Livvy?

Callan: There’s a rule? *laughs, sober now* There IS a rule, Viv, but my priority was right there before me. *glancing at Olivia, squeezing her hand* I wasn’t going to let her get away. *winks at Vivian* *serious now* No but really, I planned to have a talk with T since–

Olivia: My brother would have only complicated things.

Callan: *arching a brow*

Olivia: It was better this way! Didn’t you enjoy being in our own secret little bubble? *nudging him, laughing until he chuckles. Now, him to Viv*

Callan: Got a live one here, Viv. What do you suppose I do with her?

Olivia: Marry me.

Callan: I just did, baby.

Olivia: Love me.

Callan: Hell I do.

Thanks again for your time. It was awesome to being able to know you two a little better.

PS: We all LOVE you, Callan! <3


Womanizer by Katy Evans

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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katy Evans comes a brand new contemporary romance. WOMANIZER is a full standalone, and no other books in the series need to be read.
You’ve seen the headlines: Womanizing billionaire player! Watch out! Stay away!
We were just two strangers. Facing a forbidden attraction, a chemical connection. Neither of us expected or wanted it to amount to more.
But I had never been drawn to a guy the way I was drawn to this one: my brother’s best friend, and CEO of the company where I interned.
Even knowing I should stay away, I proved to be too human, after all.
The chemistry was amazing.
The laughs were incredible.
I opened up to him in more ways than I’d opened up to anyone before.
But sex was as far as I’d go.
Just sex because he was too irresistible.
Just sex because I wouldn’t be falling for him.
Just sex because I’d leave in three months, and I’d like for my brother not to kill me, and for nobody to find out he was my wicked little secret.
He wasn’t the One.
He was just a womanizer.
But for a time, he would be mine.


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