Chat Review with April: The Cad and the Co-Ed by Penny Reid and L.H. Cosway

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Chat Review with April: The Cad and the Co-Ed by Penny Reid and L.H. CoswayThe Cad and the Co-Ed by L.H. Cosway, Penny Reid
Published by Self Published on February 14th 2017
Genres: Rom-Com, Romance, Sports
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Keeping a secret this big is going to take lots of balls. Specifically, rugby balls.

Bryan Leech is a cad.
Or, he *was* a cad.
No one is quite certain.

Once the quintessential playboy, Bryan claims he’s done with wild parties and weekend benders. No more one night stands leading to mornings he can’t remember; no more binges and blackouts; no more exploits plastered all over the tabloids and rag sheets. According to Bryan, he’s cleaning up his act.

The only problem is, no one believes him.

Eilish Cassidy never thought she’d be a mother at nineteen or still in college at twenty-four. Cut off from every member of her family except her favorite cousin, she’s finally managed put her life back together. Stronger and wiser, Eilish enters her last semester of university determined to stand on her own. Now she just needs to find an internship.

The only problem is, her best option—by far—places her directly in the path of her son’s father, and he doesn’t remember her at all.

Bryan is determined to prove he’s changed. Eager to settle down with the right woman, he’s got his sights set on the gorgeous redhead who seems terribly familiar.

Eilish is determined to hide her secret. She’ll do anything to keep her child safe, even if that means ignoring her own wishes and desires.

But what happens when Bryan starts to remember? And what will it take for Bryan to convince the girl he forgot that she’s unforgettable?

We received this book/audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.

Chat Review With April from The Reading Bells

April: Mabuhay from the Philippines!!

Angy: Hola from Colombia!! I am so happy to chat reviewing with you, April!!!


April: Me, too, Angy! Thank you for having me here! It’s always nice to talk about book boyfriends and books with you.

Angy: I second you in that, I love talking Book Boyfriends, especially with my blogger friends!!

So….. The Cad and The Co-Ed!!!!

April: Would you believe it was my first time to ever read a book of them together? *hides in shame*

Angy: Well, that makes the two of us! This is my first book by them both too! And I LOVED IT!!!

April: Well now I feel so relieved to know that! What did you think of them writing the book together?

Angy: It is never too late, don’t you think!? Now I just have to catch up with the rest of the series! I wanna read Sean’s book right now!! I wonder when the audiobook will be available!??

April: You and your audiobook fascination! I have Sean’s book waiting for me. I grabbed it when it went on sale!

Angy: Yes, I love audios, especially because I can squeeze them into my blogging schedule and also, re-read 😀

Anyway, I loved The Cad and The Co-Ed, I loved how descriptive it was written and how the authors developed the characters!

I loved the few twists the added to the story and you can start laughing at me already, because. Cried a few times

April: HAHA I won’t tell anyone you’re a wreck. Only to our followers.

Gosh the characters! Everyone was just so adorable and you’d think because it’s a rugby team, we’d get lost on how many they were! But nope, the authors established each of them really well, owning their quirks and fun–their own personalities.

Angy: Isn’t it funny how you always spot me in my emotional moments? LOL Beahahhahahha #sorrynotsorry

Yes! I loved the parts with William, The Brickhouse, Moore. I am sure he will be the next main character in the next installment of the series! He gotta be, right?

April: I think Will’s book is going to be worth the wait. My heart ached because WHY HIM. He’s perfect.

Angy: IKR? The saint-not-so-saint who saved the day, along with Sean! Omg I love Sean!

April: OMG Sean and his tweets!!!

Angy: Hahahah yes!! Their twitter handles were the best! What is it with Pokémon? LOL

April: It was a trend! And gotta admit, it added to the fun!

I believe it was heartwarming that Eilish got that safety net in Sean’s character all throughout the story. Speaking of Eilish…. What did you think of her?

Angy: I love her! She’s a momma bear!! I loved how she adored her son, Patrick!! And I totally relate with how she handled things with Bryan! I couldn’t judge her for that because I would have done the same if I was in her shoes. It’s not often when I relate so much with a female character, and less that I like it, I usually like to read about things and people totally different from me.

April: I totally agree! It was so hard to think of what she went through and with a little support from family —thanks Sean— but I think I might kiss the ground she walked on because she knew what her priorities were and she was deadset to straight anyone who’d tell her otherwise (that best friend of hers really had to go.. In hell). I also liked how she didn’t just give in to the temptation that is Bryan Leech.

Angy: I will just say #IhateEilishMom

April: THAT. BITCH. She’s so heartless. No wonder Eilish’s dad left her.

Angy: Don’t you love it when authors write disponible characters so damn well!???

April: Right? Like you want to get in the book yourself and drag them out of it? That was me, by the way, when I knew Bryan couldn’t remember A SINGLE THING FROM THAT NIGHT!

Angy: I still don’t know how to feel about that! I mean, they were pretty insistent in the subject but I think what matter is that they passed over it and had their HEA, right?

April: Yeah. And Bryan did a 180, earned Eilish’s trust back and redeemed himself. And please. Don’t get me started on the father-son scene

Angy: Omggggggg

April: I died a hundred times rereading that haha

Angy: That was what I loved the most about this book!! Bryan and Patrick

Now who is emotional? *stares*

April: Well… um… you’re still holding the crown

Angy: Hahahahhahaha

But yes, in fact, the first time they saw each other had me tearing. Hahahaha happy tears of course

April: Patrick just made this book so so much better!

Angy: Omg that kid won my heart!! He should have a book when he is a teen and I get to love him and add him to my collection #FutureBookBoyfriend

April: He’d be into rugby too since he loved that shirt his dad gave him! It was too adorable!

Angy: Too forking adorable!

So, how many stars will you give to the book???

April: For a first time reader of their work together, it was a solid 4 four-stars . The book was long but I am so glad it wasn’t rushed or anything. It’s believable that the characters took some time to grow on their own. How about you?

I’d be reading the rest of the series, too!

Angy: It is a 5 five-stars stars for me, it has all the elements I love in a book: romance, funny moments, awesome characters and it is greatly written! We should buddy read the first 2 books, what do you say?

April: Yes please! Ronan and Sean are waiting for us! Let’s pencil them in in our schedule!

Angy: Let’s do that!

It was a great pleasure to chat review with you, my dear! Let’s do it again!!

April: Looking forward to the next one, babe! Thank you for having me!



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