Sexy Talk With The Characters of The Royally Series by Emma Chase – Day 3: Queen Lenora & Ellie

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In our third interview with the Royals, Kcee from Unbound Book Reviews and us, have Your Majesty, Queen Lenora, and Ellie, Olivia’s sister, from the Royally Series by Emma Chase.

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Now, it’s time to meet a little more of Queen Lenora and the bouncy Ellie. Enjoy!!



Hello your Highnesses, thank you all for agreeing to talk to us a little bit. We are so honored to have you all here. We have some questions for you.

Queen Lenora

Somebody explain to me how she’s so perfect 😍 {#julieandrews}

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Jenn asks:

  1. How did you take Prince Nicholas decision to abdicate from the throne?

Edward and I had a long discussion about it. He doesn’t know where we went wrong either, but he thinks perhaps Nicholas and Henry should have been beaten more.

  1.  Will you put the Prince’s future happiness before Monarchy?

I believe they are one and the same.  

Kcee asks:

  1. What would be the greatest lesson you could teach or have taught your grandsons?

To think beyond themselves, to not focus overly much on the day-to-day joys and sorrows – but to instead find satisfaction in the mark they have made on the world and the legacy they will leave behind.

Miss Ellie



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Angy asks:

  1. How was managing the coffee shop when your sister Olivia was in Wesco?

Harder than I thought it’d be! There were a few mishaps…stuff happened, but in the end it all turned out okay. Just like a fairytale.

  1. Who kept Bosco, you or your sister?

Livvy took Bosco to live with her and Nicholas. He’ll be happy there – between school and work I’m hardly ever home. But I visit him (and my sister) all the time.


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