Angy’s Review: Seeking Mr. Wrong by Natalie Charles

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Angy’s Review: Seeking Mr. Wrong by Natalie CharlesSeeking Mr. Wrong by Natalie Charles
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Published by Pocket Star on February 13th 2017
Genres: Romance
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Source: NetGalley, Simon & Schuster

In this warm, charming, and hilarious romance, a kindergarten teacher and children’s book author attempts to write erotica—and sets out to find the right Mr. Wrong for some hands-on inspiration.

Lettie Osbourne has lived her whole life by the book. Sweet, predictable, and certainly not living life on the edge, she’s always been content to make a living as a kindergarten teacher who writes adorable children’s books on the side. After her fiancé leaves her, Lettie decides she is perfectly content to accept her fate as mother to her beloved dog Odin and favorite auntie to her niece and nephew.

But then everything changes.

When Lettie’s publisher decides to sell only erotica, her editor convinces her to turn up the heat and throw some spice into her vanilla life. Lettie sets out to find the perfect man to inspire her writing...and finds him in her school’s vice principal, Eric Clayman. As Lettie and Eric grow closer and her writing gets steamier, she’s left wondering: is Eric Mr. Wrong? Or Mr. Right?

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Book Review: 5 Stars


Seeking Mr. Wrong is a book about acceptance, empowerment and believing in yourself. I’m so in love with this book, it’s my first by Natalie Charles, and I’ll make sure it won’t be the last one. I loved her writing, it was fluent, well paced and creative, and the development of the characters and story was amazing. I loved this story felt so real, so believable and at the same time, it was a great fiction I could get lost in it. And the characters were amazing, especially Lettie and her little niece and nephew. Those twins were awesome.  

Seeking Mr. Wrong is the dual POV love, funny and sexy story of Lettie and Eric. Lettie’s fiance left her two days before their wedding and after a summer of weeping and therapy with Dr. Bubbles—funny name, right? But it’s pronounced in a very fancy way 😉—she was finally ready to moved on, but she didn’t know it was going to be such a big change for her. She moved from being the good and sweet children’s book writer to the adventuress erotica writer. She went from being the rule follower employee to the teacher who sneaked out to kiss in the janitor’s closet with her new boyfriend, Eric. Oh, sweet Jesus, Eric. What a sweet, romantic and amazing man. I buddy read this book with a friend of mine, and we commented all our Eric book boyfriends were just great. There should be a special category for all the Eric’s <3 *sigh* Eric was fascinating. He was so believable character that I even hated him at some point in the book. He acted like a douche but he redeem himself later, and he did it twice, so that gave me two chances to fall all over again for him <3

All in all, great read, highly recommended for people who wanna read a heartwarming novel to swoon over a sexy man, but most of all, to read about a strong woman who rediscovered herself and became the truly happy person who she always ever wanted to be.



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