Angy’s Review: Going Up by Katherine Stevens

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Angy’s Review: Going Up by Katherine StevensGoing Up by Katherine Stevens
Published by Self Published on March 6, 2017
Genres: Rom-Com
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Margaret Vincent Foster came into the world with two things: money and a rebellious streak. She can’t find the love of her life, so she fills the void by dating characters you would normally only find in the drunk tank on a full moon. She’s the girl your parents never thought to warn you about. She will steal your heart, and maybe a little bit of your soul.

Maggie’s only goal is to not end up like her socialite parents and their friends. They want her to settle down and be comfortable, and all Maggie can think about is a boy in a Star Wars costume she met half a lifetime ago. Her prized velvet Elvis and celebrity hair clippings in tow, she drags everyone along as she carves her own path in the world.

When others are going down, Maggie is going up.

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Book Review: 5 Fangirl Hilarious Stars


WOW!! Just WOW!! This book was fascinating!! I was laughing all the time, or smiling or just falling in love with these amazing characters. I loved Maggie back when I read Going Down and Getting Off, but I didn’t really understand her. Not really. The truth is that She’s AMAZING. She’s a fangirl of heart. She was passionate about the things she loved. She was spontaneous and fearless, and sometimes she was a little naive. And one of the things I loved the most about Maggie was how she loved deeply her family and friend Cece. And Finn, Oh. My. God. Finn. My new book boyfriend! They were just perfect for each other. He was just as awesome as Maggie, funny and smart, their sense of humor was ridiculous and that made them even funnier. *smiles* They were far from boring, how all adults should be. Well, at least that’s how I see it. I see a lot of myself in both characters and that made me love this book even more.

Going Up is mainly the story of Maggie. It starts with an insight of her young years. How a girl who was borned with all the privileges wanted nothing of that. Well, kind of. She didn’t want the stiff lifestyle, but she wanted the money, I mean, she needed it for all her fangirl obsessions. She started collecting all related to Star Wars, comics, Elvis and everything that could come to her mind, like locks of hair of her favorite celebrities—if I lived near my fav celebrities, I’d do the same. What? Don’t judge me. I’m a fangirl too hahaha—The fangirl life wasn’t cheap and Maggie wanted the best things, always. In One trip to San Diego Comic-Con, she met a fan boy named Finn, they clicked instantly, shared a whole day jumping from one stand to the other, fangirling—and fanboying—about everything and anything. It was like a dream came true for Maggie. But… Despite they exchanged phone numbers, they never got the chance to contact each other. Over the years they dream about each other, the best and most erotic dreams ever, and after so many years, they decided it was time to just forget about that dream boy and dream girl, and move on, but what got them together the first time, got them together one more time: Comic-Con.

A book full of metallic cosplay, star wars, crazy mini dates and the most amazing coincidence ended up being one helluva story. I love Katherine’s writing, how she develops her stories, her characters, how she adds the most ludicrous situations and creates amazing books. Her craziness fills my heart and I need more of this in my life. I recommend this book to all the Rom-Com lovers—I’m sure a movie of this book would be hilarious. It could be read as standalone, but if you want to have the best fun while reading, start with Going Down and Getting Off, Cece and Cole’s story.




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