Jenn’s Review: American Prince by Sierra Simone

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Jenn’s Review: American Prince by Sierra SimoneAmerican Prince by Sierra Simone
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Published by Self Published on March 7th 2017
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I’ve been many things.

I’ve been a son and a stepbrother. An Army captain and a Vice President.

But only with Him am I a prince. His little prince.

Only with Maxen and Greer does my world make sense, only between them can I find peace from the demons that haunt me. But men like me aren’t made to be happy. We don’t deserve it. And I should have known a love as sharp as ours could cut both ways.

My name is Embry Moore and I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States…for now.

This is the story of an American Prince.

10 stars


Wow, just wow!!!!!

To be honest I wasn’t sure that it was possible to love this book than the previous one American Queen but boy was I in for a surprise or what!?! J

You know the feeling when you read a book that great and you read the second one and get blown away and so amazed about how much the story is developing….how much its characters are growing and how every written word by the author gets you jumping up and down and never wanting to leave that world!

“Embry holds my husband’s heart in his hands and he doesn’t even know it.
He’s too busy looking at the details of Ash’s face to see Ash’s expression, too busy being in love to see how loved he is.”

The core of the Ash’s and Embry’s relationship was already told in book 1 but this was so much more. Full of details, emotions and actions between these two divine men that had my heartbeat rising over and over again. I enjoyed reading their story from Embry’s POV and how he looked at what Ash and he created and how it would come to effect the rest of their lives. I love all 3 of these amazing people, yes I said people not characters because they mean so much more to me than that.

“Embry, I’ve been in love with you for seven years. I’m never going to stop being in love with you.”

But the more I read and read Embry proved to be my favorite. All the strength and power he possesses and yet all the protective and sacrificing acts he does make my heart melt.

Book picks up right where the cliffhanger hit us at the end of American Queen and is being told from Greer’s present and Embry’s past and present tense. Writing is yet again phenomenal, all the emotions from this story were hitting me like a slap after slap and I welcomed it all and crave more of it.

“Oh my God. You’re leaving me.
You’re leaving me again. “

The last few pages were those who broke me completely!!!!! HEART-FUCKING-BROKEN *Crying my soul out* I can’t say so much more but please do yourselves a favor and read this masterpiece!

“I will break from loving him. I will split with it, burn with it.
I have to become more than a prince.
I have to become a kind myself.“

This trilogy will definitely one to remember dearly and gladly go back to. Sierra Simone is one of my top authors and she keeps reminding me why with her words and stories that overtake my feelings and thoughts time and time again.



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